Well that was fun

This was the result of a Snatcher spitting me out on top of the Fab.
Interestingly, the enemies would see and shoot at me but nothing affected me except an Ice Scion who could freeze but not kill me.
Weirdly fun.


How long did you stay like that?

Love when a glitch like this happens lol. I bet TC fix it so you die but your still up there lol.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Reminds me of the Zombie glitch but for some reason, you are several yards off the ground.

Zombie!? What Zombie!?

5 waves at least, til everyone but one guy left. He went down at some point, along with all the bots.

Youd think if they would have won the war by now if the cog knew they could fly lol

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I had that happen with Jack a long time ago. I had to go to the incinerator on Forge to respawn.

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Here is a tune that should go well together with that clip.