Well, since we just got more "promotional characters"

I guess that means floodgates are open on non-gears characters. I’ll take a space marine from warhammer 40k please. Go on TC, you can almost smell my money can’t you?


This game really is becoming Fortnight.

you want to pay 40 dollars for a space marine from warhammer ?

yes , I mean we have marcus what else do we need ?

im sorry man , i thought that you were speaking of money , I apologize.

Forget my comments please

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Delivery Driver Mac.

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yes man , we have delivery driver mac ( UBer edition,) with that will sufice… Fortnite players should be jealous of us , since we have him = D

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I really miss buying a game and thats it! Stupid call of duty started this trend and now everyone think its normal to pay extra for something that needs to free

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It wasn’t just COD, but I definitely agree with you that all this pay for cosmetic sh^t in PAID games needs to end.

Just less popular and with a far less significant player count :joy:

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Because people don’t want fortnite in their Gears of War. It was unique, now it’s an amaglam hodge-podge of mess. (Sigh)

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What does this have to do with Gears 5 being a crappy Fortnite? :thinking: (We both know TC wanted it to be Fortnite, absolutely 0 Gears love in their Gears title)

Just meant that people are sick of it. I hear it a lot from gaming friends and see it a lot in other places besides the forums. Gears of War should be Gears of War. Don’t know what they were thinking.

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Why not have Barbie and Luigi at this point.

Heck, let’s throw in Mickey mouse and Paddington Bear whilst we’re at it. They have about as much to do with gears as the terminator does.

Get this paid advertisement crap out of our beloved gears. The fact that we now have 4 characters from the terminator movie added before we got the entire Delta squad is absolutely ridiculous and shameful.

Add some gears characters FFS. Not in December either. Stop making us wait for characters who are already in the game (Baird, Cole, Paduk, onyx guard etc etc).

Boot up gears 4 and look at the huge roster of characters there is to choose from. There’s no excuse.

“Porting” the characters from gears four to gears five is a relatively trivial task. Nothing like the work involved in porting them from gears 3 to 4.

Don’t believe their excuses. I’ve worked with the unreal engine. They want you to think that everything they have to do is like rocket science. Spoiler: it isn’t.

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They’re basically not putting them in sooner because they’ve got to do the stupid Horde hero class bs for each character. A design choice I don’t like at all and I want them to scrap.


Think it’s bad now, just imagine if Disney got their hands on it. But hey, at least the MP would work right. :wink:

I want my Sea of Thieves pirate character. At this point, why not?

You really gonna correct him for missing out the 40k? You knew what he meant don’t be a knob for the sake of being a knob

Might as well throw a Jedi in there too maybe yoda with a gnasher

I vote for peppa pig to be the next promotional dlc. That way I’ll be able to play gears when the kids are around without scaring them for life.

On second thoughts…

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