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Well Rip gears 4

I feel like I wasted money on the black steel skins on gears of war 4 since now the servers is now garbage. Please tc let us carry our black steel skins over to gears 5. or please fix the servers to make it playable again theres way to much delay and to much lag now

Yep, won’t happen.


And kind of shouldn’t happen honestly, when a game moves on so do the servers just how it is. Costs money to run servers after all and they’re not going to take a loss. As for carrying over the skins if they let one skin carry over then everybody would want their favorite skins to carry over as well and it’d be a slippery slope like the Run the Jewels characters and skins or the Vintage Set that required some merch to get the full set etc.

I wish they transferred over too.

It’s super early, Maybe they will change that in the future.

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OK then it was not my imagination today when I tried to play some 4 MP…felt horrible and I thought it was just me

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the servers are turning into reachs servers fells like to me i moved to gears 3 I feel its better on there anyway

Gears 4 is just eh at this point, slow and sluggy and far too much lag and delay coupled with the games base issues. Guess it’s back to g3 or 2 or even 1.