Well, let's see if today makes any difference (TU4)

After taking a break of few days, I jumped into ranked last night to see what’s going on… Lol…

Lol… I had zero, ZERO eliminations at the end of round 1… Not a single one of my gnasher pellets hit what I was aiming at… I couldn’t hit ANYONE, but I was getting one shot gibbed from across the map…

In round 2 I picked up the overkill, and I did manage to get a handful of elimintations with that…

Finished under 1000 points in a ranked KOTH for the first time in years, I think…

Yeah, I don’t know what’s going on, be it gnasher, or matchmaking (clearly it was a very unbalanced game, even before the quiter left)… bottom line: not fun at all… If someone who was onyx in GoW4 finds the games unbalanced and not fun, how are new people suppose to enjoy this??

Let’s see what happens after today’s update(s)… I love Gears, and I want to keep playing it, but at this point, hardly anyone I know and like to play with plays it… game play isn’t satisfying or rewarding…

I guess I’m just not the target audience of this franchise anymore. Like Star Wars: I’ll cling to the memories of watching Empire and avoid the likes of Phantom Menace, which definitely has an audience, right?


why remove grenades and boltok on ice bound map, its so stupid


putting ENFORCERS on THAT map makes ZERO SENSE, IMO… Zero…


i know right, boltok was good and the grenades, but why remove the cover on the top

Grenades are still on the map, if you’re talking about frags. And TC said it’s to make the upper areas more vulnerable because they’re so easy to dominate with.

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Yeah man… I think we should play DOOM ETERNAL soon… go to greener pastures man :slight_smile:

no we aren’t man … its the fornite kids , apex legends audience there after… we’re not that man… we’re the " man’s game " audience and the game its not that anymore.

I think Zombie army 4 its the new bet… let me know if you have it so we can play horde :slight_smile:

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Do people even use the enforcer in versus? I’m a horde player and that’s the first gun we drop. It’s only good for the forge.

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I’m just looking forward to all the threads detailing what this update has broken.

As to the update itself, ie what I read in the weekly ramblings, game is so broken it’s nowhere near enough and, tbh, any time spent trying to fix this game just seems like wasted effort.

I guess TC are in a bind really. They have to make some effort to fix something not worth fixing, knowing that if by some magic a decent enough game emerges, well, that no one will care.

It counters Gnasher.

I know, you get like 2K in energy for it, with a good jack/forge, hahaha :slight_smile:


Level 5 Optimiser + Level 4 Forge for Enforcer is 360 Power per player.

360 Power x 5 players = 1,800 Power.

So almost.

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At what range? If it’s close range the gnasher could one shot you. At mid range can’t the lancer do it’s job too?

Close to mid range. Not Gnasher point blank range. Enforcer because of higher firing rate and would force Gnasher users to take cover.

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yeah, but this is a map where overlooking long range cross is the main problem, not mid range gnashers… so they add a weapon to counter gnasher users at mid range… Like, huh??

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Too many people whined about people camping up there


People spammed boltok on that map and abused it like people abuse the Overkill on training grounds. The weapon swap is a good one,

The changes they’re making seem to promote more movement around on the map and less camping. Making Dropshot easier to pick up, removing cover for the towers, and replacing boltok with enforcerrs should do that. And giving more weapons to fight for (adding torque) should also help with that.

Well, I’ll reserve final judgement when I see it, for sure, but my initial impression is that this change of cover up top will push the crosses a little further back (towards the side with the catwalk, away from the slide side) and won’t really have a significant impact on the problem. And the lack of boltoks will reduce the option for attacking those players… Anyhow, of course, let’s see how it will play out for real, we’re just speculating here…

BTW, putting enforcers on a map doesn’t promote movement… There are enforcers on training grounds, do they have any impact on game play? Not really…

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By removing the boltok, imo, it does. People don’t even pick up the enforcer, so it’s not going to make a difference in restricting movement. Everyone spammed boltok, including me, and now that’s gone. So it should change things up. But I could be wrong. We will see.

Right, so it’s not the addition of enforcers, it’s the removal of boltoks…

EDIT: I just saw this:

KOTH: The ground level tower rings (at the bottom of the slides) have moved into the interior of the towers where the Enforcer spawns. Player spawns have been updated to cater towards these changes.

This is great, I asked for this/suggested this VERY early on after the map/game released!! this is actually a good change, IMO… Ok, that further reduces the threat of the elevated cross… Ok, this is a good change… @SixFeetUnderLOL

I don’t mind if there is ONE ring that’s completely open to elevated cross, but having three was a little much, I thought…

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