Well...I enjoy Nexus Siege

Holy shoot, but this event is actually fun.
The Lambent enemies explode like they should, and the Locust enemies fight more intelligently then the Swarm, plus they use deadlier weapons.

It’s ok on beginner, but each difficulty level after that just gets better and better.
Cyclops Drones popping around corners and sawing us in half, grenadiers blowing us up with FRAG grenades, snipers and Theron guards forcing us to keep our heads down, this is the first time since this game released that Horde has actually felt a little challenging.

And that last match I just played, good lord that match.

My teammates and I kept getting downed by the Flame grenadiers, so we started focusing them over all other enemies.
Just as we thought we were in the clear, we watched in horror as a palace guard ran up, grabbed a scorcher from off the ground, and proceeded to wipe out 4/5 of our team members. Thankfully the last player was able to take him down and win the day for us, but sweet jeebus, that PG was like a mini-boss in his own right.

If only TC could have added wretches, boomers, and so on, but… I’m just grateful we even got this much.

Thank you TC!

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It’s really good compared to escape from Kadar, i wasn’t expecting most of the characters to call out the Locust/Lambent so that was a nice touch.

My only complaint is that it doesn’t have Boomers, Grinders, Kantus, Wretch’s and Tickers. Maybe they can add the rest for Gears 6 along with the Bosses? It’ll be a shame if this was just a one time thing.


dont quote me but Micheal sorta hinted at them returning. he obviously didnt say “Yes they are coming back permanently” but you could tell he wanted to say yes.

if you watch the nexus siege pve video youll see what I mean.


thanks for reminding me. I didnt watch that video because i didnt want to get any spoilers.

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they only spoiled two enemies, they saved the rest for us to find out. I havent had enough time to try out siege but im super excited.


Yeah you could definitely tell from his reaction that these enemies are no doubt going to be implemented into horde one way or another. I’d hope for something after the event otherwise I’d imagine everyone would rather the 2 week event stayed for the foreseeable.

Dying to try it out, just got home from the gym so cook some food and see what it’s all about…and execution 2.0 :sunglasses:

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im excited, gonna play as classic dom to get all the feels :sunglasses:
the rings interesting and im hoping it all works out.

this siege thing is just a beta for sure, to try things out. and from the responses ive seen, people love it. I bet in 6 its more tweaked and we have more old enemies alongside new 6 enemies.

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No reason why it won’t carry on in this gears as we’ve still got a long way until GOW6 is out no doubt.

Operation 7 could continue the content massively

I wouldnt count on it tbh, but would welcome it for sure. I think in 6 is where they are gonna advance on more old enemies and make boss fights more difficult. its the only way imo to go up with horde.

I’m still waiting to get back home to try it lol, glad to see it’s had a positive reception

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This time next month we should be hearing about Op7 as with the end of the op being 5 weeks away. Date for Op7 should be 18th of May.

13th May is a Thursday so could be a dev stream about it maybe. We will see.

I do still think this Op has been pretty shocking in terms of the more content more often.

2 maps. 1 old 1 new and 4 new characters. And 4 characters from older games. Why have we not got Oscar? He is in the Gears 5 Campaign? :joy::joy::joy: yet we dont have him. In Gears 4 as well :joy::joy:

Yep it’s excellent. The PVE crowd appreciate and allow the mode to evolve. Gears 6, kick pvp out and just build on Gears 5 PVE with the locusts and lambents. Add Drudges, Reavers, Maulers etc etc and let us never speak of pvp again.


“Its treason then”

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