Well, i did it, i lost my dignity

i subjected myself to drinking rockstar just to get all 5 packs, including walmart and kmart codes, the damn drink tastes horrible… i felt like i lost my dignity as every can made me feel like i was a prostitute drinking piss to make a living

while i’ve lost many things in my life, theres no other feeling that compares to losing your self respect

rant over


Oh my. . .


You…you do know you wasn’t required to actually drink them? Did you think the code was in the can like the toy in the cereal box? I’m just all confused. Lol.


Good…,. Now buy the iron.



I lost my dignity a few weeks ago when I was in a Gnasher battle with someone, ran out of ammo and melee’d them to finish and down them - essentially two-piecing them.

Yeah I know. I’m scum. A b@stard. I deserve to be spat at. :neutral_face:


I am observing your comments and gifs, it’s really hard to say it… but i effing love you! Nohomo ofc


No homo. Maybe… Let’s see where the night takes us


Well, hopefully you used protection

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That was what i talking about! You were my anti depressant! Thank you!


i know, but i did it anyway :sob:

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Calories overdose

You should have poured it down the sink or watered your garden with it.

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I just do it to everyone now, if I need to do it to stay alive. Too many people are doing it now to keep track of only doing it to the people who do it to you.

So until they nerf it, two piece away with a clear conscience.

I hate it too and will gladly stop doing it once it’s nerfed, and we can go back to classy gentlemanly gnasher battles :wink:

It’s going to be a fun day when it gets nerfed. The people who are using it as a crutch at the moment will get absolutely wrecked, until they realise that it isn’t a “tap b to win” button anymore :rofl:

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I came home from work one day about a month ago and some neighborhood kid had left a 3/4 full can of that stuff sitting at my curb. I popped the tab to put in the code but couldn’t get Rockstar’s Gears site to link up with my XBL account.

Couldn’t pay me to drink that stuff though. Heart attack in a can.


I didn’t think we’re any more Kmarts. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

its circle K, but i still call it K mart though

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Probably, but I doubt it has anything to do with the game


Did you drink them all in one go?
You now have the chance to play Gears 5 constantly for days.

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Pepper, please don’t fool yourself. You lost your dignity a long time ago.