Well done TC, Well done

well done TC, you fixed the ranking system, right? I won 10 games in a row in execution and I didn’t rank up 1%, I lost only one and I got rank down, well done TC!

(Im waiting only answers from official TC members)


Unfortunately, you won’t get answers from official TC members. At best, a mod will lock this thread and refer you to the main “rank is broken” thread.

I was highly skeptical of people’s complaints until last week when I had a series of matches where I really shined. Got a couple MVP and didn’t lose any matches. I was curious to see how far that promoted me but it did literally nothing. Even the next day it hadn’t updated. So I played a game, lost, and checked back. Instant drop in rank.

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You probaby wont get a response by TC but it would be best if you posted your issue at the main ranking system discussion & feedback thread so TC can see all of people’s discussion in one place.

Anyhow, if your onyx or above, unlike other ranks it wont be easy to rank up. Because the game at that point predicts you going to win that match anyway.

To rank up you’ll need to;

  • perform and exceed your match performance
  • Beat higher ranked players
  • Always win matches

All of these things are what you need to do if you even remotely want to break into diamond.

If i recall, TC said onyx pop is like 7-8% of the entire game pop while diamond is like only 0.5

So what you really need to do is basically beat the entire game population.

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Was that recently that TC said 7-8% of playerbase was onyx?

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couple dev streams ago, Nodezero said it.

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Please clear some of those notifications on your phone. I need to know that those are clear. Please post an after photo.



7-8% being Onyx is wrong. Same with 0.5% being Diamond. I know Diamond is 1.5-2% from all the times I heard Node talk about it.


I also pulled up some old screenshots to show the percentages. I have dozens and all of them show the percentage being over 14%. One of them even has it up to 30% and Diamond up to 2.8%, which is crazy high for both.

Escalation on Mar 27, 2018

Escalation on April 9, 2018

KOTH on April 2, 2018

KOTH on April 13, 2018


Ahh, node probably then was mistaken from last stream.

But doesnt total population % per rank changes every season though?

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It’ll vary during the seasons too, but I doubt Onyx would ever go as low as < 14%


OK this is why I asked. 7-8% seemed so low.

I remember those percentages and have always wondered why they decided to remove them. I noticed before the percentages did disappear that the higher tiers were gaining in percentage all the time and the lower tiers losing percentage. (With exception to diamond which seemed to always be capped at 2% give or take)

They all got set to 0% at some point by some bug in their system. I guess instead of fixing it, they decided to just take it out lol

Where can I see my ranks like this? I’ve never seen this before

This way everyone left this game broken ranking system broken servers broken two weapon tuning tc destroyed gears franchise good job tc

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