Well, at least I understand something of the ranking system now

“Ranks do not follow the rules of linear progression, like getting your next Re-Up. As you play, you may find your Rank settles as it becomes accurate and – without a notable improvement in your performance against higher Skill opponents - progression becomes extremely difficult. This is intentional and integral to any Skill Rating system.”

The only problem I have with this is the I play with a group of 3. We only play together. The highest ranked of us is NOT the best performer.

In fact, I was MVP of a match where we had 2 diamond, 2 onyx, and a Gold 3 on the other team. We barely won because this player had a terrible match. Literally gave them 12 weapons on Arms Race. I died single digits and had the most kills. I move up 0 and this player went up quite a bit and actually hit Onyx. There is no way you can take a player having a match like that and put them up a rank and not budge mine or my other teammates who carried the team and finished top 2.

I have, over the course of our gaming, more MVP in this mode. I have carried some teams. Sure, I am not that good. But I consistently play at their level or higher. I might finish second or third to them sometimes but I never die more than they do except the very rare occasion. And I never perform as low as their lows. It amazes me when they get single digit kills and all those deaths and I can see their rank go up in the online stats compared to mine.

I am slowly going up though. Oddly, last night I was consistently finishing third behind them. Doing very well but they were usually getting a couple more kills (and deaths) than me. But they would slightly outscore me. I moved a little. And amazingly enough we lost 2, we are winning most of the time honestly, and I move up the most. My 2 worst matches I have had in a long time but I was playing and also dealing with my controller constantly disconnecting for some random reason. I knew it was coming because my guy would start to look up and turn in a circle and then the disconnect would pop up. But the point is these were terrible matches for me and I gained a lot. While losing at that.

It makes no sense. The Onyx 2 in the group was talking about how unlucky we were. He moved from Onyx 1 to 2 while consistently finishing behind us and not doing well last night. Sure, we played some high ranked players on teams that had all higher ranked. And we had some low ranked that almost cost us matches. Like the few were us 3 had 10-11 deaths combined and the other two players were in the 30 range. But he was finishing third overall. Dying more, less kills, lower score, and somehow his performance was deemed better.

I am not an amazing Gears player by no means. But if I am in the same match as these other two and I consistently am playing at or above their level there is no reason I should stick at Gold 1 while they move to Onyx 1 and Onyx 2 respectively.

Sort of long winded here but I want to mention other games. Like GR:W were we play at similar levels. We both were Diamond 2 in the last season. I am not saying it is the best ranking system or anything. But similar performance has meant similar rank. And the time a couple seasons ago where he obviously outperformed me a bit I was a rank behind him at the end.

Same when we were playing Siege. He would outscore me some and was a Platinum 3 while I was Platinum 1.

In Gears I literally carried the team 3 straight when they were having bad matches. I was considerably positive and was well outscoring them. We won but barely. And I moved none and they actually improved. Again, if it is based on performance that season I find that odd. Because beating Onyx and Diamond level people should have given me more boost considering I did much better than them.

The best thing to do is post screenshots of your games.

Or else, it’s going to be difficult to visualise what is happening.

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“Same when we were playing Siege. He would outscore me some and was a Platinum 3 while I was Platinum 1.”

Your account was never a plat 1 or anywhere close to plat 1. Statistically you’re a bottom 20% player in Siege, and that’s on console (which is significantly easier)


Could be the explanation for the Gold 1 Gears Rank too then.

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I shot right up to onyx 2 and now i am stuck on onyx 3 it seems like the ranks should be just onyx and diamond

The majority of players sit from Bronze to Gold.

Onyx is around 25% and Diamond is 1-2%.


Lol. Nice detective work :joy:


Well, at least i’ve accomplished something with my life

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Onyx is nothing to be sniffed at!

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Hahaha! Trying to get to O3, which won’t probably be this season. So hopefully next.
I’m hoping to get to D (or the D equivalent) in Gears 5.

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I’m just hoping I get matches in Gears 5 :sweat_smile:



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The only thing i do not understand about your post is how the worst guys moves up. That does not happen with me i can tell you.

I have an onyx team i play with. They are fun and very nice, but i can tell you i get my blank handed to me as the match making find other all onyx and diamonds.

If i get to 20 kills that a good day, but my deaths are triple that. win or loss i drop so much rank cause i am not performing at the level of my team and the opponents team. I have to play like 20 games solo to get back what i lose when i play with the team.

I have tried to tell them i can not play with them any more, but they still invite me. plus i get yelled at in Spanish when we pick up a solo player.

lastly what really sucks is once the other team knows i such they hunt you to boost there kills. which cause ny K/D ratio to worsen…

There’s not a single plat 1 siege player who would have trouble getting to diamond in this game. The level of competition in Siege is so much higher, plat 1 is the rank of the average semi professional player.

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Just keep playing and trying to get better. Watch videos by Domez and others about movement and shooting. You guys may need to pick up 2 more players and work on strats also. How you win also is a factor a 2-0 is more than likely going to increase where a 2-1 may not.

Good luck!

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