Welcome Back To Gears!

Just a quick shout out to whoever pushed to get Gears 5 back to what makes Gears actually feel like Gears!

Huge fan of Gears 1/UE,2,3 and somewhat enjoyed my short time with Judgement.

Gears 4 i enjoyed but i fell off pretty quickly - something was missing from the way the game felt for me.

Gears 5 well i have to say i hated the multiplayer, the game play felt restrictive, the rank system just made me want to exit the game and the map design just felt it was designed for long range not really what i would class as Gears.

So OP4 has come along as i thought maybe its time to try again after not really jumping back in for long time.

So the changes ive noticed which have got me back onboard are:

Delay after run seems to have gone
Bullet magnetism seems to be resolved.
8 shot gnasher! (whoever s idea it was to make it 3 shot reload doesnt play Gears multiplayer)
Close quarter maps (ok we have Gears 2/3 maps but lets be honest they make Gears)
Ranked mode we can understand
Quick play with mode selections!
No more hands in my pocket store

Hopefully operation 5 we see some more maps which feel more like the original gears maps with lots of cover (River and mortar needs to be one!)

Fingers crossed for a Gears 6 we see JD as canon and a return of Marcus and the crew out for revenge - with kaite stuck in the cross roads.

I think the disappointed community did the most pushing.

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Well thank you community :slight_smile:

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