Weird ranking system

In 2v2 gnashers I’m ranked Diamond 2, and after a few games or so I got to “100% eligible for promotion”, but yet, nothing happened. So, I won another game right after seeing that and still did not rank up, got a little annoyed, but I carried on. BUT THEN, I lost 1 match, just one, and it INSTANTLY brought my percentage from 100% to 97%… It makes no sense. If I get 100%, there should be no “100% eligible for promotion”, it should instantly promote just as if I lose, I instantly get deranked. It’s happened to me numerous times. Happened for my Onyx 2, 3, Diamond 1, 2, and now 3.
EDIT: Before I went into my last match, I was 99.44% to my next promotion (Diamond 3), and I finished the game 14 - 1, and the score was 7 - 1, and I’m now at 100%, and didn’t get promoted, but if I lost that match I would have been instantly demoted.


Welcome to Gears of war, to get promoted you need to wait 1 or 2 hours, if you get 100% dont play anymore, cuz this rank systems are trash, just get 100% and wait.

Bad english but i tried😁

Sometimes it works and ranks me up the next match (if I win), but lately, the servers have had severe autism.


Yup, good luck with that buddy, remember Systeam ranks Sucks asf😪

Sometimes the system ranks you up instantly, sometimes you play couple of matches then your rank is updated, and almost you have to wait 1 hour as per TC’s tweet.

If I were you, I won’t take my chances if it was D3++, as you might loose and your percentage go down. That happened to both of me and my friend when we were playing tdm, We were D4 100% for three wins in a raw, and after we lost one match, we got back to D4 98% :smile:.

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I thought the way TC explained the ranking worked, is that you need to exceed your rank within that bracket. So in effect you got to get 101% to prove that you’re worthy of stepping up into the next bracket. I might be wrong but I’m pretty sure I heard this in one of the Developer’s Streams a while back.

Basically if you’re say, rank Diamond 1 and at 100% you’re at the very top of D1, but need to hit 101% to step out of D1 and into the bottom 1% of D2.

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Just look at the thread I posted, same problem is happening! TC hasn’t responded to me on here or Twitter and I should have been Diamond Tier 1 by now!

This is so frustrating because when I win I don’t get percentage reward but when I lose I lose my percentage! What the he’ll…

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Might be that, not sure though as I was Diamond 3 100%, and I went to go play some other game modes just to ensure I wouldn’t lose a match and instantly get deranked. After an hour I checked to see if I went to Diamond 4, and nope. Still Diamond 3. Finally, awhile later (2-3 hours or so) I noticed I was Diamond 4.

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