Weird Ranked Bug - can anyone explain?

Recently I lost GP despite getting a plus after a match. One example: I’m currently Diamond 2 in KotH die 3200 GP, so I got 1700 GP plus, but the game took away GP and I ended with less than before. When I was Diamond 1 I earned 1000 GP and was in the middle of the rank. When I started the next match I was Onyx 3 with the bar at the same position where it was at Diamond 1. I didn’t even quit 1 single match in the whole Season, so that can’t be a reason. How ist that possible? And what can I do to prevent it? Happend 4 or 5 times during the last 2-3 weeks. It’s so frustrating.


Add me & I’ll get your points back easy.

Can’t really prevent it.

But if it’s not intentional most likely you’ll get your points back.

Edit: NVM I don’t wanna play if it’s this slow.

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