Weird ramifications of new Perks

Has anyone else noticed that with the new Perks, due to abilities gained from them, some characters never designed to fill certain roles might almost be better than the original?
I personally like it, sort of, it makes you able to really mix things up and still be able to beat Horde at high levels without a JD or Kait, for example, but I do have a problem with one “buff”.
Paduk’s ammo buff makes it so that at max buff he can hold nearly much GL launcher and Boomshots as JD. I don’t think Paduk was “designed” to be an explosives / heavy class, and yet, he can become one with his Perks. JD’s nerfing seems to make even less sense now that I more fully understand how impactful the new perks can be. Sure, even JD can buff his damage of GL to 100%+ now, but wasn’t he supposed to be the explosives guy?

Paduk will definitely get nowhere near the level of JDs damage with just extra explosive capacity. He has no bleed unless he’s got Stim which is basically always gone immediately, no Custom Boomshot, no Custom Lancer GL. And Paduk will be more proficient using precision rifles and/or a close range weapon while enemies are under the effect of Fear.

Lizzie can also achieve 100% extra capacity for every weapon with the ammo capacity perk. Yet I doubt it’ll make her an explosives class either, besides for the Dropshot given her new Legendary skill for that weapon.