Weird issue: No versus games showing up

So, I just logged on to try to play a few Escalation matches, and the first thing I noticed… when I go to Versus, the “Social Quick Play” option is gone.

Match making still shows up, and within that, core and competitive. But when I choose either core or competitive, no game types show up. No KOTH, Dodgeball, Escalation, ETC. Anybody know what would cause that?

It’s happened to me in the past and I’m not sure there’s an exact way of fixing it. Mine just fixed itself after a few days.

But you can try joining a friend’s game and letting them search (that worked for me) or hard restarting Xbox.

Happened to me about 6 times, I have an easy fix.

The minute you notice the game is doing that, exit the game and unplug your consoles battery and then plug it back in at any time. When you get on gears of war it should be back to normal.

An easier way is to just exit the game completley and join back but I don’t know how effective it is, but it does work every time.

Thanks! I had tried just a regular reboot a couple times before posting this question. Mine did fix itself later after I left the XBox shut off for about a half hour.

Good to know that if it happens again, there are fixes that don’t involve just going away for a while.