Weird Horde Stats Glitch please help


So I have tried numerous times once on master and lower difficulties but it has two slashes and they won’t progress. I submitted a ticket to TC they said 20 business days for a response. Can anyone tell me how I can fix this ?

Does any know total percentage it gives you for completing insane campaign on the seriously tracker?

So what you are saying is that none of your horde wins register?

I’ve had single horde rounds here and there that not register. I had completed a master horde but still said my highest was elite. Did not change until I completed another master. Dont know if custom and not playing full 50 waves has something to do with it?

Huh. That explains my issues making a Horde lobby.

According to the game the only map I can host on Insane or higher is Vasgar, even though I’ve completed Horde on at least Insane on every launch map.

I’ll check my records next time I login to the game and see if I have a similar glitch.