Weird delays in game

The last week, maybe since the last update I’m seeing alot of wierd delays. Like when I am turning my camera and shoot the shot will not come out when I pulled the trigger but slightly later. If I click to throw a smoke and then click to go into cover it will stop the throw. Coming out of roadie run and trying to shoot is delayed. I’ve had a couple games where the experience is good but the majority of games have been like this recently. I have 30-60 ping most matches. Just been rough lately.


Exact same experience here.
Do you see dropped packet icon in bottom right corner?

Yup been complaining about this since launch. Gears 5 has so much delay on like everything for no reason.

I’ve had this too. Coming out of cover the game will not fire my gun for a good second and it’s truly infuriating in matches. @TC_Octus

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This has been since launch. Its there casual approach to gaming… Its made for single player streamers. 4K animations.

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