Weird conflicted question...Is Gears not a popular series?

What? I’m talking about the release of Gears 5. In an attempt to appeal to the larger Xbox community, they steered away from traditional Gears value and in turn committed a horrific yet effective harakiri.

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In the back of my mind I worry a little that the profanity and gore will be reduced enough to get the M rating off for Gears 6.

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They said the exact same thing about Gears 3, people were comparing it to CoD (Loadouts) Battlefield (tagging enemies) and I forgot the other one :thinking:

Every time a Gears game comes out, fans of whatever Gears games before it bash it, then years later they do a mea culpa and pretend that game was great. My point is that time heals all wounds.

Edit: People forget how rushed Gears 1/2 were, they forgot the tons of exploits/glitches in Gears 2 around launch, they forget all of the anti-consumer garbage that Epic did with 3, when people look back they see rainbows not the rain that came before.

These are significantly less dramatic than, say, the Immersive Omen or the Knife melee.

Not this time. A full year has past and we’re barely any further forward. They had Gears of War 4 to learn from yet they chose to completely ignore that knowledge.

One of the great mysteries. Why spends so much time messing around with all the tuning in Gears 4 only to start fresh in Gears 5?


Well yeah if you never touched Versus in Gears 3 than it isn’t, but imagine having intense matches against other players using different weapons, there were a LOT of people on the anti retro/sawed-off bandwagon in those days, like let me bring up a video for you.

You even bring up the whole reverse 2 piece line, well ok let me bring up the original 2 piece. Fun listening to different montage music :joy:

The two points you mention are basically worthless though, like you look at Gears 5 and THAT is what disappoints you? What about original characters? Locust? Weapons? Nah fam some people care more about a HUD option then any of that stuff. I don’t care if MS goes out and hires 100 different devs to make 1 million different Omens for us, that’s not the reason Gears is unpopular my friend, Gears is unpopular because other games are more popular, Scottie Pippin isn’t unpopular, but compared to MJ he’s irrelevant. Not to say that TC couldn’t/shouldn’t have done better, but considering the “important” complaints that I commonly see its no surprise Gears is in its current state, folks expect little of them and they deliver :roll_eyes:

Yes man I do agree on that… .we have plenty of Gears for the future…

now as @GB6_Kazuya stated we just need a good Gears of War 6 , where WAR really could be felt there…


I played Gears of War 3 almost literally everyday for 5 years. Religiously. I know all about it.

I know about the Two-piece and Reverse Two-Piece. I know all about the Retro Lancer, the Sawn-Off, the Inks. It’s old news. I wasn’t talking about previous games. You’re trailing off onto a different argument altogether. My point was solely that Gears 5 is a letdown because it’s changed core features of Gears. The Knife and Omen were just examples.

There are obviously bigger issues at hand, but these are the basic core things about the game’s design I’m talking about. Things that have been the same for years and we love that fact.

Gears is not unpopular, that’s a wrong word to use. If it were the case, we wouldn’t all be here. I couldn’t care less how popular other games are in comparison either. I enjoy the fact that Gears of War has always had a smaller, more dedicated community. Quality over quantity.

They could’ve did a lot better, but Rod decided it was time to ignore Gears 4 and take a “risk”. Oh yes, that risk paid off. Anyway I agree with you about complaints, most of them are ridiculous on theses and I have it from a reliable source that the priority list at TC Studios still hangs upside-down on the wall to this day.

Indeed, a good candidate for the 8th wonder of the world.

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if you happen to see " Gears of War 6 " on the shelves man… would you buy it and give it a try ?

If it still worked after I hit it with an axe, sure.

TC has to earn the “of War” back before they can use it!

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I’m sensing some contradictions here.

Using your own logic Gears 2 and 3 were trash, or to use your words “a letdown”.

What “fans” complain about with Gears 5: its not a Gears game, its a (insert game here) clone.
What they’re actually complaining about: we don’t like Gears 5 for “reasons”

Gears 3 was and still is the most significant departure from what Gears (1) originally had. They moved on from the dark/gritty tone and atmosphere, tagging enemies, custom loadouts, mantling, the general approach to Versus (rifles should be really really strong and slide cancels and such), and they hamfisted certain features in like fortifications/Microtransactions/Beast mode, people only see what they want to see most of the time.

Gears 5 needs more than Omens (or whatever insignificant “feature” you want to bring up) to be more successful/popular. Again, Gears 5 needs substantive (not skins, not toggle options, etc.) CONTENT to keep players, I would rather pay to fight original Locust again over the classic omen as an example. Although microtransactions are the cream of the crop for modern games, there are plenty of devs that add worthwhile content like new weapons, new enemies, new areas, etc. to their games.

Then what exactly was the point/reason behind all that other stuff you mentioned in the first place? Again, contradictory.

I wish I could say “go back and play Gears Ultimate” but that game died faster than the Wicked Witch of the East in a JAWS movie, so you either gotta struggle to find games in Gears 1-3 or hope for a Gears 1-3 remaster or something down the road (Dana confirmed they weren’t working on it currently, that does not mean they won’t in the future)

Thats from the wizard of OZ not Jaws man

that’s the joke man :sweat_smile:

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Scroll back up. My points, as I’ve said, regard Gears 5 primarily and I’m not commenting on the original games. I most certainly am not saying anything negative about them.

A pointless paragraph, though informative. I know this already. We’re not discussing Gears 3.

Naturally it needs content, but it’s barely beneficial to add content to a game that’s not fully functional to a decent standard. Though an option to fight the original Locust in Horde would be a relatively easy addition, that TC somehow refuse to add. Though having said that, the Omen does hold significance. Enough to spawn a large discussion about it which ultimately led to an underwhelming ’fix’. Just because it’s not important to you doesn’t deem it entirely meaningless.

This doesn’t make sense. My quote about popularity doesn’t imply I want the Franchise to achieve greater recognition. Most things I’ve said have been in response to things you’ve brought up, relevant or not.

Ha, on that we agree. Great game as well!

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saying this:

has nothing to do with this:

When you make a case all the points you mention should support your argument or reasoning, you responded and said that Gears 5 is unpopular because its strayed too far from the original games, I argued that although Gears 5 in certain areas has strayed Gears 3 strayed far more and yet was still very popular in spite of that, now your switching it to stuff like functionality which has nothing to with what we were arguing/discussing to begin with.

I’m moving on from this as this is sorta derailing.

Those points do have relevance from a certain point of view. To clarify, Gears of War 3 had its differences to its predecessors but to say they strayed far more from the norm is a matter of opinion. Aside from obvious horrors like the Sawn-off I’d say most of them were actually improvements, fitting in well with the traditional Gears of War style. The game was successful and it’s launch certainly faired a lot better than Gears 5‘s. In terms of gameplay, it was/is a perfect example of what Gears of War is all about. Who didn’t love the Gears 3 Beta?

Oh, and a notable difference is that Gears 5 has two decent sequels (Gears 4 in it’s current form) behind it which stand as fine examples, Gears 3 at the time was still in a ‘learning’ stage, taking calculated risks in order to improve and freshen the game from the many faults Gears 2 had. It paid off. It wasn’t flawless, but it was beautiful.

What an enlightening discussion. We should do this more often.

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THAT @GB6_Kazuya it has been one of your best statements in my whole time here reading your literature :slight_smile:

I do agree Gears 3 is beautiful. Tetris and Chess are also beautiful.

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of course man :slight_smile:


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