Weird conflicted question...Is Gears not a popular series?

This probably won’t get too much attention but I’m kind of curious to hear atleast a few replies.

Well to keep it short and simple is the popularity of Gears currently not so good? Most if not all my friends who play PC games have never heard of it. I know alot of people said the first Gears was great and very popular, similar to halo in that sense. Yet when Halo Infinite was announced it seemed to have gained ALOT more attention than Gears 5 announcement.

I know this is kind of a stupid topic but I feel like I’ve been running into the same players during TDM quickmatch recently which kind of bothered me abit. ALTHOUGH I will admit there’s tons of white ranks I’ve run into aswell so it does seem like new players are picking up the game. Sucks they have to play against so many sweatiest right off the bat though lol. Game has a strict learning curve I’d say.


Used to be. Then gears judgement-5 happened and well the population started to die a bit.

Even after 3 most people were done so


GOW may be a AAA franchise, but in terms of its popularity, it lags significantly behind many other titles like COD, Halo, Fortnite and so on as far as multiplayer shooters are concerned. Many would say that GOW has peaked as a franchise as well, with the GOW2 and 3 era being the height of popularity. And even at the height of popularity it was always a bit niche and lacks the accessibility of its contemporaries and I think that’s one of the reasons it doesn’t attract the crowds.


Of course the series isn’t dead though. Gears Tactics did pretty well at release and even after release being one of the most played games on steam for a time.

But that’s not really enough to pull this series from the brink.


It peaked at Gears 3.

I don’t think you can ever compare it to games such as Halo, as that’s a first person shooter and Gears is a third person shooter.

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Unfortunately, it isn’t anymore due to developers dumbing down the game. Recycled Maps , Fake DLC pass, Lazy reskins, Overtuning the loadout weapons and Enforcers high damage output close range had alot of players quit.


T.C. and epic alike just messed with things they shouldn’t have messed with.

If it ain’t broke dont fix it. You can appease the older fans while also adding newer things to bring in a new crowd. But T.C. decided to add less and take away more and then doubled down on that leaving us with what we have now. A dying game just a year after its release and less features and content than we had in past titles at launch and even still right now.

They removed a lot of modes, weapons, UI systems and features they people loved just because it either didn’t fit their vision for the game or the population just wasn’t high enough or something. Which is always bound to happen but still.

I had been saying for years that Gears is one of the most niche AAA you will ever play and it still is.


It’s always been a smaller community in comparison to the likes of Halo and Call of Duty but we are a loyal and passionate community that sticks by the game through thick and thin.

It’s safe to say TC have put that loyalty to the test.


Not anymore.

Story mode sucked for gears of war 5 , compared to all the others & that’s what captures the audience…

The ability to play as a robot instead of a 4v coop campaign was a missed opportunity.

Making a female lead with no personality & no real character development that lead to her main role is another loss…

the fact that the majority of the population wanted JD as the main because his father is Marcus & mother is Anya (OG main characters) another missed opportunity…

Fact you had to pay for absolutely everything at the beginning of launch drove .99967% of the population To leave the game. As 3,000,000 million at launch & now 4,000 ranked players (at best) divide that & only .001333 remained.

The fact they don’t respect the remaining fan base & give us original content/maps & recycle everything is atrocious… like in Madden where that community is upset about the game being recycled for years, same situation here.

They have done better though but it’s a long shot. The least they can do is please whatever audience they have left but I highly doubt they will want to please us.

It’s as if they do things to please them & that’s the issue. If you don’t please the fans everyone will leave.

I spent 30 days on TDM & they pretty much ruined that for me.

I get so frustrated I’m TDM that I don’t bother anymore.

What’s the point of TDM when I always have morons purposely doing their own thing. I try to communicate but solo players always do what they want to do.

Had a guy camp one side the entire match as I fought for power weapons & got annihilated. Got sick of it.

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People like to make it it started with the post G3 era but pretty much no one in the EU cared for gears even in Gears 3. They finished the campaign then went and played something else after a dabble with horde. The franchise and idea of the gears universe is so much better than the actual game.

I think the only think that rescues gears is a complete refresh after a popular movie. Then you might get new players, until then it’s roly poly shotguns.

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It’s not a populer game …

however a lot of people here do love the game very much and we invest a lot of time and money into it . so I can tell you that perhaps it has one of the most loyal player base in the game world .

I for instance in the case of GEARS 5 I’m not angry at the game I’m angry at the people who made it . My friends here do deserve a better and more challenging game that it is right now .

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It has a highly dedicated fanbase. But it can’t expect to be in the same tier as your CODs, Halos, Destinies and…ugh…Fortnights. Not because it lacks quality. But because it has a steep learning curve which is a large barrier to continued play.

I genuinely think this is why the population dies off quickly on Gears each release compared to other big games. Think about it. How long have we all been playing Gears? I am willing to bet 90% of us have been playing since 2006-2007 on the original Gears. And although most of us would say that we are good, maybe very good players, a very select few would genuinely be able to call themselves exceptional players. The game is hard to learn with fairly complex controls and a multiplayer experience that actively punishes you for playing the way you would in campaign. And vice versa. You will get your ■■■ handed to you for the first 50-100 matches you play. And it is only if you stick around long enough to get your first gnasher quad, or your first MVP, or you win a clutch KotH match, that you will fall in love with the game and commit emotionally to it forever.


Its been and will always be a niche franchise., And not being popular on PC community makes sense because it was always a console exclusive until gears 5 (first game released on steam). Gears has a hardcore fanbase, Everyone will agree that most of us played every game during their release or the peak of their popularity. In all these years I have never met someone who started with certain game without having played previous ones.

It will never rival with halo or COD simply because FPS are easier to play… gears was never noob friendly, it had a learning curve and a very aggresive MP. I remember my first matches on gears 2 were hella frustrating because i always ended with a negative K/D ratio. But not everyone is willing to learn I guess.

The franchise peaked wit Gears 3, And everything went downhill with judgement. Imo the low popularity right now is not something that TCs started… however they have really been doing a terrible job to keep happy the fraction of the fandom thats left.


That’s kind of another thing though…Are there even any third person shooters worth mentioning? Maybe I’m being bias but I feel like Gears hit it on the nail and did the best job with it. I LOVE the gears of war combat system, the fights are always so exciting. Can’t imagine another 3rd person shooter being able to capture that same unique-ness


I will admit that it does look kind of silly when two people engage a gnasher fight and both of them miss 70% of their shots.

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That’s why its put in the niche bracket.

It use to have a high learning curve. But has been dumbed down, or has tried to and just made a mess of it.

Thus alienating people who would play it. Along with a host of other issues.

It’s not popular anymore, few maps, few game modes, small community, it’s just not fun anymore

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It’s known by a lot of people…as in people are aware the franchise exists, but not many people play it. Especially the multiplayer portion.

Gears has been on a steady decline since Gears 1 really, my suspicion is that more competition has just worn the series down over the years, back in 2006 the only other really big title was Halo 2 lol, nowadays you got like a dozen huge blockbuster games so Gears has next to no chance of making any inroads outside of Free-to-Play MP.

Gears 5 probably had tons and tons (wouldn’t be surprised if 1-2 million easily) of folks who played the campaign, they then decide (for whatever reason, probably because other MP games are far more popular nowadays like I was saying) to move on to other games. Only way Gears 6 could do any better is if the Campaign actually blows people away, which would help with player retention. Regardless after Gears 6 Microsoft will likely just allow other IP’s to utilize its assets, like I wouldn’t be surprised if you see Locust/Swarm/whatever used in other Microsoft titles in 5-10 years.


thats because you asked wrong group of players.

Just like if u ask xbox player do they know FF.
Even i am a PC player i never play FF, its PS only title.

And gears of war control is not nice for PC from the beginning.
PC user loves high accuracy pinpoint shooters like CoD or BF.
Which Halo is better in most PC users eye