Weird choppiness rn

Has anyone else noticed that there’s been lag spikes and choppiness today?

Also I’ve been having an issue where my friends load into a game, but I remain in the ‘searching for a game’ menu.

Anyone else experiencing this? @TC_Kilo1062


Yeah, it happens in waves. Sometimes it’s fine for an entire match and then it’s back to lagspikes.

Also having a lot of fun with Arcade and not being able to connect to the servers… GLAD ESCALATION IS GETTING FIXED TOMORROW.


Yep. Lag all day and I keep seeing the trouble conecting to servers symbol.


Finding a ranked match is near impossible.

Played a few.

Mostly just keep loading.

When it back out, it says it’s trying to connect.

Guess it’s my internet :woman_facepalming:.

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I have had some skipping issues on my PC.

No bad connection issues as of now…

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uhhh does this affect horde/escape? I’ve been doing harbor back to back and haven’t experienced anything like this.

Played Horde, Escape and a few Guardian games and had no problem at all until I decided to complete a daily on Arcade…

Landed on US servers (East most likely) and oh my gosh! ping wise although not ideal, it played like everyone had 2000 ping with teleports all over the place. Switched to low ping (took almost 10 minutes to find a game) to force the game to play on my server and everything went perfect, so amazingly perfect that I stayed for the whole match instead of leaving as soon as I completed my daily.

Just for kicks I switched to faster matchmaking and after 30 seconds I’m back in US East with everyone teleporting all over the place. Guess TC didn’t paid the bill for the US servers bandwith.

Spikes all the time but the one consistent thing I’ve noticed is if you’re playing at around 430 AM EST or later you start getting into very high ping matches. Very often you’ll be put into consistent 150+ ping lobbies then you might get lobbies where it’s 2 people instead of the whole lobby. I’ve seen this happen for about 2-3 weeks straight now. I feel like the unstable servers just take a smoke break around that time and forget to come back

I’ve gotten some of that in recent days. Choppy ■■■ gameplay. Drives me crazy. It’s hard to shoot someone when it gets like that.

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So same again today. Constantly seeing the server connection symbol and got disconnected from 3 escape attempts.

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