Weird about coins

I have gears coin up to 23,560 and I just won 3 games in a row and said each game I got around 250 coins but my total coins is still 23,560. Do they get added later or something?

Coins or points?

I’m guessing points. The counter on the screen and after match bonus for winning. I’ll get like 90 GP and extra 150 for winning

on ranked?

Yes koth

I think the GP is different from the coins. I think is gears points and gears coins

What rank are you?

I think I’m lost then. How do you get gear pins from playing if it’s not the gears points

Points determine rank, coins are what you spend in the store, you get coins from the tour

You don’t get coins from playing at all besides tour stuff

Gears Points are for ranked

Gears Coins get from the tour and for leaderboards on Escape and for Rank moving up the ranks

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Ya my mistake I thought the gp thing on the screen was your coins that you were earning lmao whoops

Anyway to answer your main question, your not getting any more points because you probably have hit the points cap.

Ya I was just thing the gears points counter on the screen was my coins that I was earning but it’s just points to move up the ranked lmao I’m dumb. So besides tour objectives is there anyway to get gear coins?

Yup, ranking up in ranked game modes you can look at a detailed breakdown of this in game (you earn them after season ends). Completing the tour challenges, the tour.

Ok cool I just thought there was a way to earn the coins just by playing without having to do objectives in the tour

Indirectly you get coins just by playing because you earn stars just by playing which moves you through the tour and gets you coins. Sometimes at the end of a match it will say time bonus and tell you how many stars you got. I think you get roughly 1 star for every 30 minutes you play. I played horde for about 90 minutes last night and earned 3 stars for it.

Ok thanks for the information

Mind… Blown!

I was wondering how do I increase that time bonus, and I forgot to ask. Thank you for this information.

In addition… You played horse for about 90 mins? :confused: Like… One horde match? Wtf

I joined in progress.