Weekly Versus Events

I might be blind and I have used the search option to see if this has been posted but is there a reason why FFA is not counting towards the Versus Events Medals?

I think he’s referring to the kills medal. For some reason FFA doesn’t count towards it, but 2 v 2 Ranked does.

Yeah I’m refering to the kills. Doesnt count at all.

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Yup, I think it’s broken. I’ve been doing 2 v 2 ever since I noticed it.

Once I get Krampus which is only a handful of kills away I think I’ll pop over to 2v2 for a little bit. FFA is clearly in the weekly event spot, but knowing TC just another mess.


Hm, noticed the bug but haven’t touched 2v2 yet so I didn’t know that worked. Thanks

There seems to be some confusion on the number of event victories that players should have at the current point…

I personally have 2 which I obtained through 2v2 ranked (technically FFA should have counted instead but I will take it since FFA wins didnt count for me eventhough I got the Krampus Scion and my 5 FFA wins before the new year) and the current Arcade Double Trouble event. Someone on Reddit said he has 3 which also seemed to count Gearsmas FFA wins but I never got one to count there.

Technically we have had only 2 versus events so far which is Gearsmas FFA from the start of operation 2 till Jan 2 and Arcade Double Trouble which is ongoing since Jan 2.

My guess is that there will be 3 more versus events between now and the end of operation 2 to count towards the remaining events needed for the medal but I am a tad bit worried that I might fall 1 short.

@TC_Octus could you please clarify this as I dont want to miss out on a medal due to something that wasnt my fault.

I wouldn’t be surprised if that is something they can’t fix because technically it’s an event you already won.

I need one more too and i’ll go and try this event to see if it completes