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Weekly store items

What’s up with the weekly store items, shouldn’t there be new items in the store sometime today, lizzie has been in there for a week or so, my store says new items in 8 days, if so then that ain’t weekly

Been announced and known for a while that we only get new Store items when TU4 drops, per Twitter, and TU4 drops on the week of January 20th, as per the dev stream from last week.

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Wow, so potentially three weeks with no new store stuff? At a time when player numbers are probably up a bit due to Operation 2 still? There must be some serious conversations going on behind the scenes, to cause such a major disruption to their monetization stream - something that shouldn’t be affected by most of the other issues with the game, since it would mostly be artists and modelers. Meaning it’s probably intentional.

Between this, skipping the weekly “What’s Up”, and Octus already confirming a “series” of blogs laying out what is coming instead, I get the feeling TU4 might be a pretty big deal for them. Colour me intrigued.

Nah its getting updated this week as per the dev stream last week

They explained everything on stream last week.

They are rethinking how they approach the store based on feedback and theyre gona update it with some items this week however the bigger changes will likely come in tu4 next week

When did they mention it? There’s still about 20 minutes left I haven’t watched yet so it might be in there.

Don’t worry rumor has it that a certain Delivery Driver will be making his return (Due to popular demand) :wink:

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No idea probably the part you didnt watch id assume

It would be at direct contradiction to this tweet released by TC, though, and I’m pretty sure Octus himself also mentioned that on the forums in a thread about the Store content not updating for another two weeks from last week. He was there on the dev stream so if any such thing as this week getting new Store content was mentioned surely he’d have said something about it? If he has anything to do with the communication stuff.

He could’ve changed mind,

Him alone wouldn’t be the one to spontaneously decide the new Store content drop would be this and not next week. I would have expected more on this on a Twitter account from TC or one of the people working there if such a decision was taken. But nobody seems to have picked up on it so I doubt anything was changed. Iirc what else was mentioned in the stream a What’s Up is coming today, or at least this week. So that should give insights.

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New store items today. Guess that means tu4 is out today too

They didn’t say that though, unless yesterday’s What’s Up has the incorrect information when they said it was submitted for certification and that it would come next week.

They said it on stream

They said on stream the Title Update comes on the week of January 20th. At least, that’s what I heard being said on it. I don’t recall any mentions of Store content other than that the new stuff is only going to come when TU4 drops. Which this week’s What’s Up confirms because they have just put at least some of the previously offered Store character skins back up for this week until new content arrives. So all I can assume here is you trying to get a reaction or falsely associating things to statements.

Either way, I’m not bothered to argue. It’s late, I’m tired and I have to be up very early tomorrow morning. So I’ll just leave it at that.


Let’s talk about last week’s Weekly Store.

Firstly, we want to apologize for the very last-minute notice regarding the Store remaining the same last week. As mentioned in our introduction, the Monday change in our TU deployment plans had some knock on effects – one of which being that the TU contained content for last week’s Store.

The team re-assessed potential Store updates for the Tuesday, but in the end, a call was made on Tuesday to leave the store as is. This resulted in the last-minute notice that we know was frustrating, and something we try to avoid at all costs.

One of the things we heard loud and clear last week was a desire for something different in the Store rather than nothing. With our TU due next week, we’re using this as an opportunity to bring back some past Character Skins for one week only!

All this week’s returning Character Skins (except for Lt. Fahz) were previously released at higher Iron prices before our latest round of reductions. For this week’s Store, we’ll be running a sale on these Character skins to make them available at our current prices for Character Skins based on their rarity since release (750 for Epic, 500 for Rare).

With that said, here’s this week’s Store along with a few highlights on some of our favorite skins this week”