Weekly Store Item Review Thread, by @Mark36111

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As all of us who play Gears 5 know, the new store has given us more options for gibbing in style than ever before in the series! However, all this choice can be both thrilling and daunting. If you’re someone who’s having trouble deciding what to buy and what not to buy, or if you frequently find yourself regretting either purchasing or missing out on items from the store, or if you just have a lot of iron burning a hole in your pocket, this thread is for you!

As many of you who know me are aware, I am a person who really loves skins, marks, and bloodsprays. In my opinion, having my character look good is just as important as my versus rank. As someone who has personally spent more than $650 on iron transactions and cash items (e.g., Terminator, Aape packs), I am a better judge of store content than anyone else here. Thus, I am making this thread to help anyone who wants an expert’s opinion before pulling the trigger on a particular item.

I will update this thread whenever new weekly store content is released, and my rating scale will be simple: buy or pass.

It’s a great week to start off this series, and an overall outstanding week for store content. Store items for the week of December 17th are: Nutcracker Shepherd, Hivebuster Baird, Gift Wrapped Loadout Set, Pink Camo Full Set, and Shield mark. Let’s get started!

  • Nutcracker Shepherd

We’re beginning the first week of the series with a bang, as the Nutcracker Shepherd is one of the most unique concepts for a character skin we’ve ever seen in GOW or gaming in general. The artistry of this character skin is flawless, and the attention to detail is brilliant. The gilded highlights really pop, and the flowing beard and hair give the Nutcracker skin an amusing look that is consistent with the DeeBee character. One minor issue that must be pointed out, however, is that the top hat and head are really, really big; big enough, in fact, to obscure a significant area in front of the character, creating a blind spot that can cause issues during close-quarters gnasher fights. Thus, although this is an absolute must buy, you might not want to take this skin into ranked if you suck.

Verdict: BUY!

  • Hivebuster Baird (AKA “Baird’s Fortune”)

My feelings on this character skin are mixed. On one hand, everyone loves Baird, and the skin has some nice details. On the other hand, there are much better Baird skins available in the Operation 2 Tour of Duty, and the aesthetics of Hivebuster Baird are not particularly to my liking. To me, the browns and beiges of Hivebuster Baird are just too bland, and the overall look reminds me of an elderly version of Uncharted from the Uncharted series of games on the Playstation (the color tone, the rolled up sleeves, the straps going everywhere, the hair). If you’re a huge Baird fanboy or someone who is a long way from unlocking Classic or Gilded Baird, this skin might be worth considering. Otherwise, I’d steer clear.

Verdict: pass

  • Gift Wrapped Loadout Set

The Coalition has gift wrapped us all a nice new set of skins to spread holiday cheer with the new Gift Wrapped Loadout Set. While I am mildly disappointed over the lack of any dynamic Christmas light effects (in contrast, the lighting on the Halloween set was superb), the overall appeal of the Gift Wrapped Loadout Set is undeniable. Again, TC impresses with its trademark attention to detail, and you can see the gift wrapping tear and the underlying weapon protruding at various points on each skin. The different patterns on the wrapping paper are fun to look through, and it’s a great way to blend GOW and the holiday spirit. Give yourself the gift of Gears with this set!

Verdict: buy

  • Pink Camo Full Set

Before getting into the visuals of this set, it’s worth pointing out that we can now officially put to rest all complaints over store pricing. For just 300 iron, you’ll be getting 18 (!) weapon skins to add vibrant style to your Lancer, your Dropshot, and everything in between! It’s good to see TC heeding the advice of the community and making the store items more affordable for even the most underprivileged Gears 5 players. The Pink Camo pattern itself is a GOW classic, and I can see myself using it for years to come. This is a particularly essential set if you are someone who likes to play as female characters. Having purchased the Pink Camo Lancer and Gnasher when they were previously available in the store, I was thrilled to learn that I’d be receiving the rest of the set for free. Thanks again, TC!

Verdict: buy

  • Shield Mark

Most of you probably know by now that @Mark36111 marks for marks. Thus, you can guess that I’m going to buy every new mark that is added to the store, regardless of what it is. 50 iron is a great price, and the Shield Mark is definitely something you should add to your collection. In general, marks are a great way to distinguish yourself from others in your multiplayer lobbies in a meaningful yet subtle way. An appropriate mark can complement and complete any character/weapon skin combination you’re thinking about bringing to the battlefield, so my advice is to obtain all of the marks that are available in case you need them in the future. They’re only 50 iron, so what do you have to lose? This week’s Shield Mark is a nice, modern, streamlined design that will pair nicely with most character/weapon skins. I’m currently using the Pizza Mark, but the Shield Mark will be at the front of the queue whenever I decide to make a change.

Verdict: buy

The overall count for this week: four buys and one pass—A very solid week to start out the new series!

Happy holidays, and I’ll see you again whenever the next cycle of store content drops. Like and share this thread if you want to see more store reviews! If there is enough interest, maybe I’ll also review other things in the store besides the weekly items (e.g., the Operation 2 bundle, e-sports skins, “special” items, etc.). Let me know what you want to see!


Thanks Mark. We can always count on you to turn the lackluster offerings of the store into a 570 paragraph novel. Any chance you can talk about the previous offerings as well?

Also, inb4 your OP gets flagged again?

Also, @III_EnVii_III would like a word with you.


Maybe I could talk about past offerings at some point, but it wouldn’t really fit with the intention of this series since they are no longer available to purchase. I would love for TC to do a “greatest hits” weekend and bring back all the past store items for purchase for a few days. I would have a lot of recommendations to make at that point.

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Again, I appreciate your dedication to TC’s bank account and wallet. Your posts and threads make even Link glee with envy.

EDIT: Btw, excited for tomorrow?


What’s tomorrow?

Ill pass on everything this week. To me the items are TRASH. The Krampus Scion is great and the weapon skins you get for free are better than the paid ones. I thought I was gonna get the Baird skin but that shirt he has ruins it for me for some weird reason.,


Hi Mark @Mark36111 how are you man ? :slight_smile:

Taking some liberty on the thread… and since you are very knowledgeable on TC stuff on the store,

Do you recommend me to buy the good lookin’ skins that are fire emulsion ? I know that in order to get them I have to buy the free for all bundle … however I wonder if you recommend me those items .

Kindly let me know my friend.

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It has been so great these days with just Mark here… :smile:

It’s certainly a lot quieter


I mean yes and no. As much as the positivity towards TC can get overwhelming with those two together, I need some variety in my life. @Mark36111 alone just isn’t cutting it for me.

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Yeah man… Mark gives a fresh atmosphere of positivism.

Link however its all positivism towards the game and that just doesn’t work here on these forums…

Speaking in King Arthur terms… Link would be the king in the round table and its kind of annoying at different levels man .

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Why did she get banned?

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Special review for @D_A_N_III_3_L !

  • Operation 2 Bundle ($19.99)

Today’s special review comes courtesy of @D_A_N_III_3_L , who is conflicted over whether to purchase the Operation 2 Bundle, which is available in the store for $19.99 for the next 75 days. To recap the bundle contents for everyone, your purchase gets you: all four Operation 2 characters (Baird, Lizzie, Jermad, and Locust Drone), The Eclipse weapon skin pack, 30 days of boost, and 1,000 iron.

I will say first that the package is a very good deal for its price. All of the content you get is worth 3,750 iron (not counting the Eclipse skins, which are not purchasable outside of the bundle), which is the equivalent of $37.50 (ignoring any iron discounts for sales or bulk purchases). $20.00 is a great price, so if you purchase this bundle, you’re getting a steal.

That said, the decision whether or not to drop the $20 was not straightforward for me. If, like me, you are willing to grind for the characters, you can get them all for free (which is an even better deal than $20). Additionally, the new 100-day boost offering for only 1,500 iron makes the bundle’s 30-days of included boost less appealing. The Eclipse skins are nice, unique items that you can only obtain through the bundle, but for me they don’t look as great in-game as they appear in the store. While in a game, the skins just sort of look bright and orange, and you don’t really perceive the animation unless you look very closely.

In the end, although the Operation 2 Bundle is a great deal and a worthy purchase, I passed on it. To summarize my verdict:

Buy if you don’t like grinding, want all the new characters immediately, or really like the Eclipse skins.

Pass if you are willing to grind out the character totems and the Eclipse skins aren’t must-haves for you.

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I would value his input on my reviews here.


Thank you @Mark36111

I think this review has been very helpful, I appreciate the comments on the whole package , I do appreciate the effort :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to buy good looking skins for the freedom lancer, so Its quite possible Ill think it over and see what’s in the store next :slight_smile:

Once again my friend thanks for your help on this :slight_smile:

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I went back and forth on this one but finally decided against getting it for these reasons.