Weekly Pack Prediction Thread

What pack does everyone think is going to be out this Friday?

My prediction is either Trashball packs, or perhaps a Locust pack.
If this is popular, perhaps it could be stickied and all pack predictions could take place here. :thinking:

My prediction for:
An old pack: 80%
A new pack: 20%

Hope the feral horde packs return, just to upgrade some epic cards to level 6. :crossed_fingers:


Ehhhh…not really caring what skins come out anymore although I do have 500k credits to go through

dont do it weekly, this thread is enough… otherwise you’ll probably get flagged for duplicate threads :stuck_out_tongue:

Let me start this prediction off…

I predict that the character drops featured in series 3 will not return as packs.:wink:

Should make things easier right?

But anyway, I predict the recruit JD/Del Pack. or was it Lieutenant? I can’t remember.

Good point. Edited the OP for clarity :slight_smile:

Well, there’s going to be a new one early June and early July.
It would be nice to see Onyx Guard, that would make some people happy.

Character wise I’d like to see Jace make a return.

Realistically its probably gonna be the thrash ball pack

My 20k credits are crying right now :laughing:

I want to see Baird in a thong

Luchador wrestler marcus and Thrashball Bernie

Absolutely hate that character. I’m not a fan how they suddenly made him from a mature adult character to a kid.

Either way I believe the cog officer pack is returning.

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