Weekly Hive - The Wanderer

What’s your first impressions?

So far, I’ve only done Advanced but Elite introduces Faster Scion Speed. I’ve barely completed Advanced and the Mulcher Scion was constantly catching up. I’m not sure how this one is supposed to be played, whether it’s a Speed Run and have to rush through? I mean, if you took cover and took your time, the Mulcher Scion would catch up.

Let me know your thoughts, if you played it yet.

I don’t think I’ll bother doing it again until someone made a guide on it.

The Mulcher Scion acts like Venom, and Venom isn’t the problem here. No Venom Speed either. And it does seem harder than Ghost Sires.

Edit: Already beaten Master. Seemed much easier when locking Mulcher Scions.

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could be the easiest map, we ran right at the first segment to rush to the safe room, We flash grenaded the scion and locked him in the ammo room. we beat it on elite really fast and ended up first place on the leaderboard. EASY EASY EASY!

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A friend had the same idea but not tried it out yet. Locking the Mulcher Scion inside Supply rooms.

I’ve done this with a warden, great tactic!

fighting bosses is a joke with Keegan and mac anyways, you can even use emiles/lahnis bleed damage to mess up a warden quickly… it’s usually easier to fight a warden then lock him up so far. But as far as this Scion being invincible you might as well get him off your back.

Yeah, Keegan has become insanely powerful with Level 5 Shredder, Venom Explosive Resupply and Grenade Capacity, If they truly wanted to make a hard experience, then no Supply room while we got Invincible fast moving Mulcher Scion.

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I could still give you tips if that was the case lol, lots of baiting methods, you can also more or less run the exit too.

I haven’t tried the Speed Running exit strategy yet. But I know you could probably bait with Kat’s Hologram or something like that.

I already beaten Master anyway, earlier.

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To call that Hive „easy“ is a bit one dimensional. Yeah, with an experienced team it’s alright. But play that with randoms and you won’t have a chance. Especially as there’s a a bug that prevents the first scion to directly move into the supply room.

No hate, I just can’t get the posts about „easy easy easy“ when it’s def not easy as such.

If I was to give feedback and either had three options, “easy”, “alright” or “hard”. Someone who hasn’t beaten might want to know how it went for me. If I said it was hard, it might put off someone. If I said it was alright, they may not be convinced enough. If I said it was easy, then that’s quite reassuring, as long everything goes to plan.

we beat it quickly after release on master, it really IS easy, even with mediocre co-ordination.