Weekly Hive - The Line

  • the 2 Scions on the Helipad if someone else runs into the middle of the room to trigger their spawn.

Yeah but that’s boring and my Marksman’s pretty much maxed by now. If somebody else wants to play him, that’s fine. As for me, gotta make it more interesting this time or I’ll get burned out, playing the same hives the same way.

Get Fahz and the Longshot and kill everything with Headshots. Bring Cole/Lahni for the first few Scions. And if you have a 3rd, double Scoreboost for the COG Tags.

Beating Master in any way basically guarantess -20minutes.

Complete it on Master - the score isn’t as tight as some of the other weekly challenge hives so completion on Master pretty much guarantees it.

Alternatively you can do it on Inconceivable, but you will need at least one player with score boost cards picking up COG tags to make up for the lost points (of playing on a lower difficulty).

Only semi-tight one so far was Corruption imo. The other ones were a joke so far.

That’s why we didn’t have a Marksman in our runs(one on Tuesday, one on Wednesday). Would’ve made it very easy but also kind of boring.

Didn’t know that but usually people are not suicidal enough to attempt to run into the middle of that room while all the Scions are still standing. Plus usually if no one has died or dies at that point, the rest of the hive is usually fairly straightforward if you don’t rush it and make the Scions from the nest spawn in while you’re handling the two on the helipad.

Depends on how much you trust your Fahz-player. Middle of the room seems to spawn them and once you set foot into the next tile they’ll start coming towards you.

Taking health off means scions die very easily, which means more time to check supply caches for tags.

I just take the torque, and use it to clear my way to the Longshots.

The Longshot found in either of the two side supply caches in the first area can two-shot the scions and there’s enough ammo for the entire hive if you use it. If you have a class with a headshot damage bonus, you can just as easily use the torque bow.

For the large room, there is a way to make all five scions pile up, which sets them up for easy explosive kills. If you want, I can explain.

Like I mentioned before, I did it solo with this simple strategy. If you don’t want to rely on randoms, this is a very easy way to do it.

My A Team for this Hive, would be Fahz/Marksman; Keegan/Tactician; and either Cole/Brawler, or Lahni/Blademaster.

A few pointers, some are class-specific, and some are more broader bits of advice.

The only enemies on this map are Scions - armed with Mulchers, Buzzsaws, Dropshots and Cryos. There are absolutely no other enemies at all.

There are no shotgun weapons whatsoever, the Infiltrator is practically useless (I know this is probably stating the obvious, but the number of times I’ve had people join lobbies for this hive as Infiltrator and refuse to change is astounding).

Weapon-wise, you will be able to acquire Longshots, Markzas, EMBAR’s, a Torque, Frag Grenades, Shock Grenades and the weapons that are dropped by Scions (Mulchers, Dropshots, Buzzsaws, Cryo Cannons).

If using the Marksman, remember that the initial Torque arrow counts as a “precision weapon” - the explosion does not. A Marksman with strong damage cards can oneshot the Scions on Master difficulty with an active Torque headshot. It actually pays for the Marksman to take the Torque, at least initially until you can reach the Longshot. EDIT: This is actually incorrect - a fully levelled Marksman with a Torque headshot will wound a Scion to about 10% of their health left - it’s still the most damage efficient class when using the Torque as long as you can land headshots - even more damaging than the Gunner, Tactician or Demolitions!

There are 3 supply rooms in the first section. The ones to the far left and far right contain the sniper weapons; while the central one contains the Frags and Torque.

Scions’ melee attacks are ALWAYS left-handed. Bear this in mind when playing as a melee class like Lahni or Emile. When facing a Scion head-on, always try to dive/roll to your left (which would be the Scion’s right arm) as it’s outside of their melee swing arc. This is how experienced melee players can dance around the Scions by constantly rolling around it, strike once, roll again, etc. If you roll to your left and a bit behind the Scion, you can set yourself up for your next melee strike. Always stick to one strike at a time unless they’re stunned. Trust the bleed damage to do its work!

If playing as Lahni and using venom-cards, stay in Venom as much as possible. The extra defence and the bleed ability is critical. Non-Lahni/Blademaster players need to be considerate of team mates if someone else is running Blademaster.

The secondary lightning from Lahni’s Shockchain also causes bleed damage when the enemy is in venom. If you’re dealing with multiple enemies, my advice is to strike an enemy 3-4 times, then move onto the next and so on. Keep moving so you can spread the lightning around so that it affects as many Scions as possible.

If a team mate has died and reappeared in a pod and you’re under pressure from the venom, or are struggling to find an opening to free them, remember you can shoot the pod until it pops and frees your team mate.

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And a Lancer + Claw. Not that they’re useful but they’re guaranteed spawns.

Wait, what?

Are you sure about this? Last time I did a Fahz master solo was before the nerf to Ambush and I couldn’t. Can’t imagine it happening now. Having an active seems to have no effect on the damage a headshot deals either.

Only way to guarantee a Torque instant kill on master that I’m aware of is having a Tactician with Cooperation.

Isn’t this the case? I could have sworn I’ve seen someone else do this before (or was it a different map?). Either way, the Torque arrow counts as a precision weapon (but the explosion obviously doesn’t).

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The Scions on the Line couldn’t be one-shot with anything pre-nerf outside of X-ray, don’t think it’s possible now.

Just tried it out. Scion survived with somewhere around 10% health. I have max cards for my Marksman.


My mistake!

Either way, damage-wise it pays for the Marksman to use the Torque if they can land headshots.

I’ve amended my post to include this.


Something to note about the Torque Bow is that it does damage twice on a headshot. One of the hits does like 29 damage, so it makes little difference, but it used to mess up Ambush before the threshold was lowered to 90%.

When I play Striker on this map, sometimes I can one-shot the scions and some times I can’t because of the 29 damage messing up First Strike. (This is without the health mod).

Jesus Christ, Randoms drive me up the ■■■■■■■ walls. Random Keegans bring ■■■■■■■ grenade pouch, but Speed Loader is too muck too ask for. Or even dropping 2flashs in the first suppy room for Cole/Lahni.

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On the line no, in other hive torque is a one shot on almost any enemy

I can’t take this anymore. Random Mac couldnt use his shield to block the final wave of Mulcher Scions. Few restarts and the framerate for everyone just drops down to 10-20. Just great.

Boi, my hatred for randoms is burning stronger than ever. 7 runs left of this nonsense.

I know, but I was hoping that someone found a loophole that actually allows oneshotting them.

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Just when you think randoms can’t get any worse :joy:.