Weekly Hive - The Choke


I managed to complete Incon with Cole, Keegan and Lizzie.

And also beaten Master with Lahni, Mac and Batista.

It seems we have to go left and right for the weapons, COG Tags, Supply rooms and Venom scrubbers.

If I went left, it seems better off to not press the Venom scrubber yet. Then when going right, someone has to stay at scrubber while someone else goes to opposite side scrubber. When the Venom has covered the lift switch, then everyone from both sides must press Venom scrubbers and run back to lift. Then press the switch, along with Venom buffs on Mac, Keegan and Lahni. Then basically repeat for Act 2.

TL:DR - Wait for Venom to cover the lift switch before pressing scrubbers on both sides.


Haven’t finished master yet, but managed to get to part 2 real quick by just pulling the lever when silverback was ready, no need to go to scrubber rooms and you can defend the lever area with silverback. But still have to finish it.

We ran Cole, Mac, and Lizzie. Did - 1:05 but could’ve done better with a Keegan instead of Lizzie and Cole didn’t run any score cards. Went to one room, back to middle, went to other room. Repeat on 2nd half. We didn’t bother with trying to time venom scrubber, will definitely do so if we have a Lahni or Keegan though.
I found The Choke to be pretty boring after doing a master score run. I don’t see myself running this one back nearly as much as I’ve done on other hives.

Very easy, did it first try with Keegan, Lizzie, and Clayton, all level 18 and with maxed cards. Clayton is ridiculous with a level 5 Reflective Shell. He can clear out entire rooms with one activation and his taunt card. Lizzie can pretty much solo the ending as long as no Ice Scions get to her.

Fun hive. Fairly straight forward. -32 so far, but without any scorecards on.

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I’ve beaten it on Master twice so far…
First attempt: Cole 16, Mac 18 , Emile 18 (me)
Second attempt: Mac, COG Gear, Lizzie (me) all 18’s

We didn’t even bother about timing levers, both times, it seemed to be no need for it, especially the first run with Cole. I was apprehensive about COG gear but it turned out greatly needed.

When people are great at tagging enemies, it helps tremendously with situational awareness.

So while you wait for the bridge to raise, where do people set up and defend?

I played with two lots of randomers and they did it different ways.

The first was to clear both left and right sides, and then to double back up one of them to create a choke point by one of the doors. It involves the melee character(s) pushing forward as there will be some new enemies to kill. The danger is you risk being overrun from two directions, but both times we did it, it went well.

The second group I played with tried to set up and defend the switch, but once the Scions and Bastions turned up we’d get cornered and killed. There’s just so little room to move around and it’s hard to get an angle on the Bastions.

My first attempt (which we progressed to the second chapter) went well until toward the end we lost a player so it was just me and one other. They wanted to defend the bridge area while I wanted to go to one of the sides to create another chokepoint. In the end we got separated and died.

Going sideways let you kill every enemy if pressed scrubbers straight away. There is a limited number after pressing switch.

Our team cleared out the left side then went to the corner. We killed the Juvies and Grenadiers, and when the ice scions came with bastions, that was our cue to leave. It’s the safe option, but not as quick.

You could stay at the switch, but it’s a little more messy. And Lizzie would have to use her Silverback.

For the second part we waited at the switch. We had Lizzie use her sliverback and the other 2 helped cover each side. Once the bridge was down we ran to the exit.

So the order of actions for you, was:

(1) Clear out the left side, grab weapons and ammo.
(2) Return to the middle and press the bridge switch.
(3) Go back up to the left hand side again and fight the new enemies there, creating a chokepoint in that area.
(4) Once enemies dead, head back downstairs and cross to the saferoom.

Is that correct? Just so I know I’m not misunderstanding you.

This was the method I tried with the first group which worked well (although we had time to clear both left and right and had lots of weapons and ammo). The second team didn’t do this - I figure they didn’t know of this and that it seems to make it easier.

With the end section, one of our guys died so it was just two of us and we got overrun as the venom was on us and we couldn’t wait for my Silverback unfortunately. Will have to try again today.

Pretty much. Once you press the switch for the bridge, it takes 1 minute to come up. So knowing the time the button was pressed on the timer in the top left gives you a bit of an idea when to run.

There’s a door you can open and close with a switch, which guides you back to the bridge. I believe its opposite the supply cache and next to the venom fan (or whatever its called). That’s in the first section. I’m not too sure in the second section.

We didn’t bother facing the Ice scions as there were multiple ice scions and multiple bastions. But you could kill them if you wanted to.

For the end section, its important that the Lizzie is alive with her silverback, preferably with the salvo card. No other enemies spawn past the bridge, so if the Lizzie stays for as long as she can on the bridge, the more time it gives the other 2 players.

Normally, some juvies get out but I’ve never had the dropshot scion come out onto the platform.

EDIT: If you want a visual representation, we did it very similarly to how these 3 did it.

Thanks for clarifying. I figured that was right and the best way. Just the randoms I played with didn’t seem aware.

I played with someone on my friends list (don’t know him particularly well, only added him recently) and we two-manned it - he played as Cole and I played as Mac, and we did it in our first attempt on master (we played through it a couple of times beforehand so I could talk him through my strategy, but it was with just one mutator at a time cos he had to unlock the mutators anyway).

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Played with Mac, Cole and myself as Lizzie.

Cole was a beast and killed all first enemies, he immediately ran to switch, pulled it, killed all Juvies and Grenadiers while Mac killed Bastion(s). Bridge went up and all got to saferoom without using our ultimates.
We stayed at the switch whole time, except for Cole, he was running in circles.

Second part Mac killed Bastion(s) in the beginning, Cole used his Ultimate on the enemies while I ran to the second switch. Pulled it and just waited there. Cole and Mac joined at switch and killed upcoming enemies with me covering fire. Bridge went up and we got outside while I used my Silverback.

Master completed.

Pretty nice hive! A lot of posibles paths to take, and a lot of working combinations for characters. If you are looking for high score videos, here is the teaser of the current World Record for the Choke with -126:53 (2 hours 6 minutes 53 seconds). We will release the full video soon showing our strategy and full methods to increase score in escape, but for now there are good clues in the final stats to encourage you to get more score.

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Well done :slight_smile:

Have been around 3 months since we figure out the exact “thing” behind the ghost score. Let me explain a little about this, when you check the final stats and you count all the bonus time that the game says (cogtags picked up, marked kills, headshots, executions, etc) the result never will match exactly with the real score that the game shows, there is always some extra time… If you guys figure out what is happening behind the scene and your team skills are enoung good to manage how to kill eveyone in hive, you could hit the Top1 in the world easily… Nothing about cheating or else as people are saying out there… Well maybe is time to make a video explaining about base values for each enemie and tecqniues to maximize the score in escape.

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It’s weird hearing a non-english Escape match hehe :wink:

Playing this map with two people who only cared about the shortest route was pretty fast and boring. I got so fed up of them that I left them rotten in their own idiocity. Sorry, not Sorry. :unamused:

After that, another player with Lizzie who only cared about the shortest route and nothing else. :unamused:
Another one, with a Cole who finally wanted to kill every freaking grub! :sunglasses:
We left my own family member to die and killed (nearly) all of the enemies. :crazy_face:

Oh by the way… Cole is pretty fast! :100:

Okay, I know… Being the Beginner level MVP is not the hardest thing… :crazy_face: