Weekly hive rewards "the onslaught"

Says we should get 18 cards for top time rewards.

I only got 7 for rewards and zero for completing the hive.

Anyone else get the same rewards?

@TC_Sera do you know if its a bug or are the rewards showing incorrect on the rewards tab for that hive ?

Edit: Looks like a bug, checked my cards and there was more than 7 new cards showing but still doest help to show how many cards were received as rewards.

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I can’t speak for everyone else, but I experienced the same issue with the post-match screen. However when I looked at that classes inventory there were far too many cards - more than 10 cards with exclaimation marks on them (indicating a new card) so I think it’s just a visual display error on the post-match screen but we got all of the cards we should have.

Still whose to say that the rewards we got were the correct amount?

7 showing where it should be 18, plus i think its 5 for completing the hive.

Dont think i got 23 cards.

Same thing here, the extra 12 cards didn’t display but got the rewards anyway.

Was going to start a topic but might as well add to this one…

The weekly and daily hives have already become repetitive and stale. Same maps repeated regularly. Same modifiers in constant rotation with no mix up between them.

Now the massive reduction in character XP rewards.

I managed to persuade a couple of friends to return after they left because of boring grinds to level up characters. This was their incentive to have another go but they are now off.

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Yeah, and it also floods the lobby page with the same Hives. Previously there was a bit more variation (on top of the usual runs on The Surge and The Clock) but now it’s basically just The Surge, The Clock and [insert daily and weekly Hive].

It’d be better in my opinion if TC released 7 Hives on the same day and gave us a 7 day deadline. That way there’d at least be more variation in the lobby page. Also it means that people can binge if they wanted. I have a couple of friends who work long hours and only get to play at the weekends and they miss out. Sure this isn’t essential, but it’d be nice if they could catch up rather than totally miss out altogether.

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I count 25 cards max depending on difficulty:

1 card per act = 2
3 cards for completion on master = 3 (alternatively 2 cards for 4-6 mutators; or 1 card for 1-3 mutators I think)
1 bonus card per act = 2
6 cards for the silver challenge
12 cards for the gold challenge

But we need to bear in mind duplicates. You could easily get say, 4 of the same card or something like that so the number of exclamation marks won’t necessarily accurately reflect what you got. Not unless you knew exactly how the number of duplicates you had for each skill card before and compare it to after…

Its all guess work tho. Theres no exact way of knowing the true rewards received is my main concern.

Just did gridlock frenzy and all rewards were showing correctly.

I just got a Silver time today and didn’t get my bonus cards. I checked afterwards and didn’t see any extra cards with exclamation points that I hadn’t seen in the post screen. Can @TC_Sera confirm if this is just a visual glitch or are we actually not getting our proper rewards. 18 extra cards is nothing to laugh at not getting when you’ve earned them. I did submit a error report #50980.