Weekly Event achievement bugged


Is there a fix incoming for this? I just completed the group for winning 10 matches in weekly events and the achievement hasn’t unlocked. It’s currently stuck at 10%.


Wait you got progress on the medal? I didn’t get any when I tried, I just figured it was one of those events that wasn’t going to count since that’s not exactly uncommon at this point.

I can’t progress the medal either

A mates Seriously progress has just started catching up, so its looking promising :slight_smile:

I can confirm this.

Also, I just clear my cache and the game resynced and Event Planner progress didn’t change.

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Were you playing Control or Capture the flag? I just did some Control and the medal is progressing now, the other day I was playing CTF so either they fixed it or CTF doesn’t count. Still no achievement though.

On Tuesday I won 5 games. Mix of control and capture the flag

Tc shauny just posted in the known issues thread that achievement progress and retroactive stuff should be fixed. Is anyone able to confirm if it is counting now? I am at work and can’t for several more hours

Nope this achievement seems to be a separate issue to the server problems from the last 24 hours.

S 2.0 just unlocked for me after a hard reset but Event Planner hasn’t budged. I’ll try to play a few more matches.

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We will probably unlock reup 60 achievement before this lol.


What’s the hard reset precisely?

Shutdown your console and for good measure unplug the power cable.

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I <3 this thread

Sadly didn’t work.

Have to go through all maps again :rage:

Event Planner will remain broken until we address it properly once it’s sorted we’ll let you know!


Thanks for the update :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the update. Yeah it sucks, but at least we know now and can focus our attention to other areas.


Appreciate the update.

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it is still impossible to get the achievement after the opdate