Weekly Escape Ice queen map


what is a good class to run on Ice queen. tried to get the chivo last (Solid Gold) night and missed several times. last run we cam dame close but one guy quit after safe room. we where in invoncivale which i think you have to play to hit the -15.00 gold.

I have some good classes. I thought clayton with freeze resist, but other than that did not seem to help.

tips, help, Carry later tonight lol

A. Fahz/Marksman played by someone competent

B. Nomad/Paduk or Blademaster/Lahni for close combat, Juvies and the Grenadiers(Blademaster recommended for Matriarch disposal duties and the Grenadiers if they get their barrier up where they can’t be melee stunned and executed)

C. Not really sure which role is good for the third spot, really depends on team needs

Also, don’t forget to pick up the COG tags in the various supply rooms to make sure you get better times, and that everyone is alive when you make it to the exit as there is a MIA penalty.

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Thanks, my marksman class is good but like you point out not a good fit for me.lol

nomade has low cards. blademaster is high and i used Kait old class last night. her bleed seems like it has less impact now.


I do a LFG post tonight to find some good allies.

Do it on lower difficulty mate like insane. Put score boost cards on and pick up all the tags. @GhostofDelta2, @WD_Hawkeye and I ran this yesterday with Fahz, Paduk and Mac. Got -30 min or something. Got the chivo.


I’d recommend:

Fahz/Marksman - there’s a Longshot early on in the first supply room, and reasonable amount of ammo. Explosive Headshot can help smash most enemy groups, leaving your team with alot less to do.

Lahni/Blademaster - doesn’t need ammo. The venom moves quickly so you’ll mostly be in venom and get the extra venom buffs (Venom Blade, Venom Resistance etc). Can also cut through the Grenadier’s front shields, so you can cut n’ run repeatedly and let the bleed do its work.

The 3rd person can be anyone really. Mac, Clayton, COG Gear (due to being tanky) and Kait are good choices too. Kait can get a Gnasher or Overkill early on, but her nerfed Laceration is a bit of an issue.

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I did this last night in a random lobby on master. Turns out the two randoms were absolute beasts. Both playing as marksman, i was brawler. I was only really playing it for the character xp to open upthe scorcher damage card. I did ice queen first time around on advanced or something low to just register a score, so i wasnt really aware of map.

I had just finished watching the queens gambit on netflix, so i thought id try this on master becasue its got queen in the title. Queens gambit is really good by the way.

When i first entered the game they were in progress and they looked really coordinated taking out shielded overkills but one of them died on the stairs with a bunch of juvies. So they started over. I wasnt used to the new cole tackle control change - a couple of times i tried to do the mantle kick assasinate over a wall but tackled against the wall instead and went dbno.

My strategy was for my brawler cole to take out the juvie mobs, one punch then assassinate rejects, and tackle the shielded overkills (with ease), then i spotted for the two marksmen.And stepped up when i saw shields, rejects or juvies.

Turned out getting the second fastest time. Which was nice. Id like to say i contributed, but those two guys carried me.but i think my cole complimented thier play.


Thanks, but the level can not be 2 low right or you can not get the reduced time correct?

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Not necessarily. It’s true that difficulty is the main factor for score, but there are other things too like picking up COG tags, how many kills you get, how you kill enemies (headshots and executions give you more points), marking enemies before you kill them etc.

You only need to get -15 minutes. Matriarch decreases your time by -45minutes already. As long as you headshot people constantly and kill her you should be fine on Incon/Insane.

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I would stay with insane and put score boost cards on. Take freezing snipers and health off to make it easier. Flash the shielded grenadiers and meatshield/swap weapon and you will get one flash of them with this technique. Rinse and repeat. Have someone use the relic Dropshot to freeze wardens and Matriarch. The sniper should take care of the most.

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its feedback and help like this thats makes the fourum enjoybale and shows that to community can be more than toxic.


When do you get the reward on that hive? I completed it with -28 and nothing happened. Will it appear after once the hive feature is over?

You should get the reward upon completion of the hive. I just did it myself on Incon with a Cole(Brawler) and Paduk(Nomad), both using associated characters to their class. Although the Paduk left after dying to snipers and other enemies a couple of times so it left me and Cole to handle the second act which we did after failing a few times over.

I have see some chivo pop after you restart consol.

I did it on Inconceivable (no shorter ult) with Tactician/Keegan and two Marksmen/Fahz. We all picked UIR Cosmonaught since he is great and we all said “■■■■■■■” at each other.

I see what you did there.

Assuming it is intentional.

Thought it would be silly to spell it that way.

I’m trynna get this done tonight when I’m off 9:30 eastern US time, anybody wanna join? Add my tag

I would but i will not be on till 1030pm PST cali time.

Cali that’s 3 hours behind east coast right not ahead, so itll be 1 here? I think, chances are I’ll still be up, add me bro