Weekly Escape Hive - The Blight

The Line was one of the best hives they’ve made to this day. Quite fun to play, be it solo or with other players(reminds me, I hate that everyone just never seems to go into Past Hive matchmaking any longer and instead only plays the featured hive no matter how bad it is - Custom isn’t much better with 90% Clock runs or Surge speedrunning most days). I had the “pleasure” of beating it on Inconceivable solo with Mac(More Health off) and still finding it decently fun to play. Ran it once with Score Boost skills which only got me a 2% placement, though. Works quite well on Insane with Lizzie too, even without the Silverback(Torque Bow and Dropshot headshot ftw).

But The Blight? In Oscar’s voice, “Boooring”. Just a downgrade in every aspect. As for The Link, while it may be easy, I found to just be not fun to play and just annoying. Maybe did it once or twice then stopped with it.

Here’s to hoping the last Operation 2 hive is any good. This one’s just a disappointment.

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So despite this hive being super easy nowadays, do people honestly not know what to do with this map? It’s genuinely shameful. I even named my lobby “master no idiots please” yet here they [the idiots] are! Jesus wept. Bloody charlatan chancers.


Got someone on the friends list who runs this hive like it’s a drill as Demo. Could’ve brought in even a low lvl if I wanted, and I did, for one of the runs. Six quick, easy runs, well except for a couple of screw ups due to misjudging the explosive range of the poppers, which seems overly ridiculous in this hive, almost to the point of being bugged.

To be fair, it’s not really obvious and the first few times I ran it I did it the “hard way” also. But, when you get someone who doesn’t get it, and sees the other two finish without him, then continues to do the same thing and not taking your lead, then there’s no excuse.

I’ve even tried messaging things like “follow me” or “stay together” but no luck. People are just so stupid. Absolutely clueless. I had a Tactician who didn’t pick up the Boomshot nor any Frags despite me and the other team mate picking it up and dropping it at their bloody feet! How they got to level 19 is a mystery to me.

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Honestly possibly the easiest Hive I have run so far. Ran with a tactition a good few times and was later joined by a nomad. Fairly easy to avoid enemies provided you know the routes lol.

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They changed it so you can just open and close whatever doors you want right? This is the one with all the poppers and the munchers/drops at helipad

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Yes. I’ve done some more exploring, and it seems that the route that most people take (left, and through the middle and then up-right) is the quickest and easiest route, but I see people insisting on going to other places which are considerably harder. I think the frustrating thing is that people run off and do their own thing.

You can run this hive in 5 minutes if everyone is on the same page. You don’t even have to have great characters, just people who know what they’re doing.

Anytime I play it with randoms, there’s one of them who will try to stay and fight enemies rather than move with the other player and myself.

Simply put, they don’t survive, because I leave them to die a horrible death :hugs:

Well… Because of this running… running… running… is the reason why I hate Escape! :disappointed: