Weekend Poll (10-9/ 10-11-20) for next guide by Hu1k Daddy

Hey Gears,

So, I am making a weekend poll for the next character guide you may all would like to see come out.

Current Guides out for OP4: Keegan and Clayton. So anyone other than these two are open for voting.


Please one vote per person.
Just post the Character name you would like to see
If you don’t want one then just put not needed.

I was going to wait till OP5 to continue these but it has been made clear that some still like and or want these.

So just let me know.


@GhostofDelta2 please close this thread. The poll is over and it looks like Paduk won.


I have studied your guides and you already made one for Fazh so the only thing in order here is to say thank you for the guides and your friendship man .


Non-serious answer: Gary Carmine
Serious answer: Hmmm… Maybe Paduk!?



Thank you bro. Friendship was well earned. :+1:


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Have you done COG Gear? I’ve only played as him a bit but am interested in finding out other people’s builds and views on how to best use him/her, especially given the OP 4 changes.

I checked just now and you have, although his was back in November 2019.

If you’re revisiting characters to include updates then COG Gear, but if a new character I guess Paduk. You’ve covered most of them now I think.

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Maybe you could do a list of characters you’ve done (and in which operation)? Would make it easier to decide. Because I’m basically not interested in any guides that were made pre-OP4. :slight_smile:

Good point,

For OP4. There is Keegan and Clayton.

So the space is there to redo some old ones.

I’ll add this to the original post as well.


Then it’s definitely Paduk that I’d like to see :slight_smile:

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Yes Paduk Hulk !!

Thanks for you experience sharing :wink:

Paduk, please hulk really appreciate the time and very helpful Guides,many thanks

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You don’t.

I vote for Paduk please :sunglasses:

It’ll be good to see how many cards we disagree on for the fear build :laughing:

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Show me how to make Kat relevant…please.

Hey Slip,

Will see where the vote goes. But I can still show you in game some time if you like.


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I vote for Keegan.

I really love your character guides! Looking forward to the next guide regardless of which character ends up winning the poll!

You’ll be pleased to know that Keegan was covered quite recently, so all of it is up to date!


Or show us how Grace is relevant to us! :smirk:

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Ur guides are super helpful man im voting for Paduk guide or Cole

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Thanks Warden,

I appreciate that.

I’m voting for Cog Gear man. Maybe more people would be willing to use my horde main if someone they respect would hash out his many abilities for them.