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Website errors when creating cards


Anyone else get errors when trying to create bounty cards via the website? Can’t load card data error, after you confirm the Create instruction…


Apparently it’s common and being looked at

Not working for me either.

Love waiting 6-7 seconds just to craft a card in game. Whoever came up with that system must have thought that people might craft things maybe once in a while.

How many hours has the average horde enthusiast spent staring at their screen waiting for things to craft or destroy?

I know. Beating a dead horse that’s already turned to dust anyway at this point

The animations are there just to hide the delay from the servers that update your game with the new changes. It is pretty long, but for the people with terrible connections that drop constantly it’s needed to provide a more seamless experience.

Thanks for the report :slight_smile:

Hopefully will be fixed soon.

Closing as we already had a thread on this issue.