Weapons too easy to use

the gnasher has bullet magnetism which for a shotgun feels like overkill. In a sport arent you suppose to improve and not just get rewarded for participating. why do competitive games think making everything easy to do is a good thing? the only thing that matters now is if you have a good team working together which is trash game design. not everyone has a sweaty team or even wants to be part of a sweaty team. i miss being able to just wipe out a team all on my own if i was good enough and pulled off my shots better than the opposing team. those days are gone with the mad bullet magnetism. i actually like the short range of the shotgun, thats about it.

They reduced all of this so much. Just play the game. While I do agree with u I think we are at a good in between.

i only started playing this week, it feels like it could be the best gears, but with bullet magnetism on the shotgun, it ruins the heart of gears and is the least fun ive had in a gears game

also because the shotgun has no range(which i like) and is highly effective at very close range(bullet magnetism), everyone is just getting cheap kills camping behind cover then surprise attacking because its like the best tactic in the game. this is boring.

I like the fixed lancer. Feels closer to Gears 1 from my memory. An actual weapon.

Game and Gnasher is in a better place by a mile compared to where it was weeks ago. Even though I think TC didn’t go far enough with the nerf, and I would like magnetism nerfed or aim assist toggled completely off. I can live with Gears 5 the way it is atm. Play it, enjoy it. I believe this game is on its way to becoming something special if TC doesn’t revert and F*** it up because someone with some influence on social Media doesn’t like something.


Just keep playing. You will get better

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its not a question of getting better. i could be the best player in the game and still have the same issues

I don’t think you fully understand the game yet keep laying and you’ll see how it works. It’s not the same game and shouldn’t be played the same

you dont understand how having bullet magnetism on a SHOTGUN drastically reduces the skill gap and encourages only sweaty team play since it takes less effort and skill to work as a team because everyone has a OP weapon

I really do

Bullet mag has been reduced, the issue with the shotgun right now is the UP-A/BACK-A effectiveness and the 1-hit gib range being too far

Also without bullet mag, the shotgun feels terrible to hipfire and only works when holding ADs. This is especially obvious in very close range engagements. How the game handles the shot coming from either the barrel or center screen whatever it uses - functions terribly at point blank range without magnetism, plus the games netcode isn’t really stellar either but that’s more on unreal engine and low tic rates/send/receive rates

has gears 5 tested no bullet magnetism on hip fire?

Umm. NO ONE. I mean no one used the lancer on gears 1.
It was nothing but sniper and gnasher battles. Everytime.

I really really miss weapon sliding. Wish it would come back . Yes i know it was a glitch but it helped when picking up the snipe and eveyone could do it. because u knew someone was aiming for ur head everytime

It was all about host advantage and how good that hosts internet was , mainly their upload speed.
Same with gears 2

Yes. It was in an update mid way through op.2
It was reduced from 8 meters to 6 meters and IT MADE HIP FIRING WORTHLESS.
The problem is. Left triggering shouldnt be less accurate than hip firing. It makes 0 sense.
If tht means buffing the L.TRIGGER then do it by all means.

Yesterday I played three matches of FFA and five or so KOTHs, a couple 2v2’s…

The game’s felt better in OP4 than it ever has compared to Gears 4’s gameplay. So whatever they changed, I like it like this.

if everyone is useless then thats fine by me. might actually have to work for a kill. the real reason this game has the best blind fire(except gears 1) is because long range shotgun battles is gone and the camera placement behind the character makes the shotgun closer to the center of screen for better aiming