Weapons in Gears of War

Why did the coalition take out the:
boom shield
gorgon pistol
sawed off
ink grenade
hammer of dawn

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They were either replaced or complained about in the previous titles which I think is a load of ■■■■■■■■

Or for lore reasons like the digger. (Baby nymacysts) no longer exists since nyma cysts are dead.

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They never really took it out, just didn’t implement them into the game.

Boomshield was carried on the back of the ‘Speaker’ Scion.
There was Hammer of Dawn only in Prologue Campaign, Emergence Day vs Corpser and Reavers.
Mortars also in COG vs UIR Battle in Prologue too, but the enemies were using it.

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While @DarkChaoz95 is right about lore reasons.
I also thought some of these weapons could never be replaced, they had different functionality and worked differently.
Scorcher running on imulsion, but what does Lancer chainsaw run on, what sort of fuel?
It’s really easy to make an excuse that some weapons like One Shot, Gorgon Pistol, Sawed Off, Breechshot, Booshka may have simply got buried like the Hammerburst crates underground in Miners’ room (?) in Campaign.

I liked the Sawed-off, didn’t really care about the complaints for other players.
It was a fun weapon to combat Gnasher, and could score multi-kills which were gold at times.
Now we have Overkill… a longer range than Gnasher with faster firing rate.
Why don’t many people complain about this?
And the Retro… was majorly complained about, more than Sawed off and still in Gears 4 game…

I think the flame grenade makes use of imulsion, yet its in the game.

It’s a molotov cocktail.
I think there’s multiple ways of creating a fire, and imulsion can’t be the only fuel source on Sera.
Even flammable oil or alcohol may work.

Could be alcohol then, since fossil fuels disappeared with the deployment of the countermeasure.

The overkill isn’t a loadout weapon.

So what does that also mean? Because it’s not a loadout weapon, people aren’t complaining about it? Overkill is pretty much superior in most aspects, supposed to be a Heavy Shotgun but can’t tell if it’s a Power Weapon or simply Pickup Weapon. If Sawed Off returned to game as Pickup Weapon, would people still complain about it as much as before? The Pickup Weapons are usually better, like the Retro, Hammerburst (now), Boltok, Markza… etc. Can you say that Sawed Off is in general, better than Gnasher? I don’t think so, it’s weaker with less Range than Gnasher. So there’s all the good reason for it to be Loadout Weapon. Even Overkill would dominate Sawed Off, in most instances.

I’m pretty sure its classed as a secondary weapon, meaning its too powerful to be a loadout weapon but too weak to be a power weapon.

Another example of a secondary weapon is Boltok.

You stated that people don’t complain about the overkill as much as they did when it came to the sawed-off. My point is, a reason for that may be that they don’t encounter the former as often. It doesn’t appear on every map, and I usually don’t see too many people using it when it does. There was the potential for the entirety of the enemy to wield the S-O, and to see it frequently.

Even if we had to compare frequency, people didn’t use Sawed Off as much as Gnashers.
If Overkill was present on literally every Map, people would have been picking it up to combat Gnashers. But in Gears 3, even though Sawed Off was available as Starting Shotgun, maybe like 10%~ or less players actually started off with the Sawed Off.
There have been games with literally nobody started with the Sawed Off.
Back when I was playing Gears 3 and using mainly Gnasher in Versus, I didn’t encounter Sawed Off Shotguns that often either, until I started using it myself to be the minority.

The Overkill isn’t on every map. The ones I remeber are Forge, Old Town, Lift and Impact Dark. I’m sure I’m missing a few but that seems like very little with compared how many maps are in rotation (24+). That’s probably the main reason on why people aren’t bellyaching about it like they did with the HB. Even though the Overkill is on those particular maps it rotates out with other weapons.

When the population on 3 was higher, I saw it used relatively frequently (3 or 4 players). Still less than the gnasher, but the comparison of players’ attitudes toward the sawed-off and the overkill may differ due to loadout option. Though used more frequent than the s-o, the retro lancer was complained about in 3 (loadout), and not as much in 4 (pick-up). People tend to complain about the weapons that kill them often and quickly, especially if there is a view of unfairness. Even the gnasher can’t escape complaints, not that core couldn’t benefit from an adjustment.

I personally find the overkill more annoying. The s-o had a much shorter range, and if someone missed, they were usually at a big disadvantage.

People complaining about weapons that kill them often and quickly, that is literally the definition of Gnasher Shotgun. Even if it’s true about Retro being complained less because not loadout weapon anymore, then having Sawed off as not loadout weapon wouldn’t make any sense either. It’s mostly viewed as a weaker weapon, so doesn’t make sense to belong as pickup weapon. I’d just wish that people would suck it up and get used to Sawed off being loadout weapon, as I’d also like to see it return for Gears of War 5.

I’d like see most, if not all return. GoW 4 is fun, but the more weapon variety, the better, even if it’s restricted to social on the vs side of things. Horde would also benefit. Neither is canon anyway.

I think it came down to development time and reasoning to be Frank. Just because it isnt theee doesnt mean it wont be