Weapons customization gears 5

Each character should have their own weapon skin customization’s. We shouldn’t have to share weapon skins with any character.

I kinda like the current system, where I can just switch all my weapon skins before a match basically as easily as I can switch a character.

It’s really not a big deal.

Just change skins to whatever you want to whichever character you choose.

I’d ideally like to have a limited number of preset loadout folders we can set up, and this allows us to change to a different set with the press of a button (I’d also like this function for PVE classes generally where we can pre-arrange different combinations of skill cards).


I don’t want to have to decided what 2 players I have to use based off weapon skins limitations. I want to use certain weapons skins for certain characters and sometimes I can’t use the weapon skins because it doesn’t look good for both. That’s a problem for me