Weapon tuning: Special

So I just decided to play some Gnasher only KOTH and the shotgun damage and range seemed really weird for me.

Then we went back to the lobby to look what the tuning is, and it says “special”.

Now what is special? An inbetweem of comp and core? The shotgun does not feel like a comp shotgun but neither like a core shotgun. For me this kind of damage seems really weird at first. Buuuut. I think I can get used to it.

But here is another but, pleeeas TC! Dont make the gears 5 shotgun this special tuning ■■■■ . I created another thread “leave core as it is”.

The shotgun feels off on special. You hit someone 4 times, he makes one step towards you and one gibs you.

Maybe I just have to get the hang of it but my first opinion: I dont like it.

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based on their description it should be comp, clearly core tuning what with the gnash sniping tho

Gotta be comp or I’m going out of my mind. I was thrown off by it (expecting core) and add to the fact that it put me on a server far from me and my internet is laggy this week. Made for really unpleasant matches, which sucks because gnashers-on KOTH is my favorite mode. Maybe tomorrow will be smoother.

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Just played this for the first time and it’s definitely not core… I don’t even think it is comp but I could be wrong. All I know is it felt really foreign and wasn’t a fan.

I haven’t played comp in quite a while but it felt a lot different than the comp I remember. Exchanging half a clip of shotgun shells at a 2 feet distance or so. Sometimes there is no blood so it feels like a straight miss.

Against other humans I started getting a feel but I’m not sure if the bots are hitscan or what. They were really tough. I got aced many times being point blank, firing, somehow it not killing them and instead dealing x amount of damage only to get the point blank gib in return.

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Glad to know it’s not just me who thinks that the bots in this event are a lot harder then normal

I only played one round and then left. It was the bots that drove me to leaving lol.

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I’m getting xbox messages from Swarm Drone right now callin me nub jajaja 1v1me


Ugh! I think he’s a smurf…

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What more needs to be done to get this guy banned?
0 ping? You can’t tell me he isn’t hacking.