Weapon swapping

I’d like to see this go in gears 5. we should be able to just drop weapons or throw them at someone to do damage or pas them to a teammate. also holding buttons to pick up weapons just to stand there and get popped isn’t fun. we need to be able to pick it up and go like halo. something like the x+a weapon slide in gears 1 but just press the interaction button…

There needs to be some risk to picking up the power weapons


All your threads are turning into, “Make Gears play like Fortnie”.
No thank you.


Agreed, I play gears, I love gears, cannot friggin stand fortnite, keep what makes gears gears!!


I really don’t see the obsession with that game its trash mostly lucky hardly any skill

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It is a far cry from what it could be :frowning:

Epic ruined shooters for me with the cover system and I think they dropped the ball by not adding it to that game. I also think if it wasn’t free it wouldn’t be as popular

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The cover system was replaced with building in Fortnite. Thing is, building will never be as sexy as wallbouncing and gears cover mechanics in general.

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Gears is life :slight_smile:

You speak the truth, taking cover is more realistic than building stuff out of nothing and piece of blue paper.


Well, sometimes it might be okay to drop a weapon but what’s the point when we can switch it with another weapon?
And what button might drop a weapon?
I was thinking of something like holding down D-pad for few seconds.
I thought we already had a weapon we could throw called “grenades”.
I don’t know if it’s a good idea to have button combinations where we must press two buttons at same time in case we fail.

This made me laugh…ridiculous and absurd…but funny. Revved lancers flying through the air a la Sharknado :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: