Weapon Skins Sets

So I bought the pixelated power set for 500 iron last month, but this week the “full set” of skins are in the store for only 300 iron. Will all of the buyable skins eventually have a full set for sale? If so, wtf is the point of even offering the loadout and power sets?

I don’t know. We don’t know. Not even sure if TC knows.

But I do know–rather pay 40$ for a Season pass rather than 48$ for a skin set.


I didn’t even realise that some of the Pixelated weapons were available previously.

I read in a previous What’s Up In Gears article that this happened with the Pink Camouflage set, and they basically made the remaining weapons available free of charge for people who bought the partial set previously. I dunno how this is done and whether there’s a “redeem” button in the store instead of the usual “purchase for X Iron” for those it affects. You might want to tweet TC to double check.

I don’t remember pixel…but I do remember Pixel Omen–which is technically different in the way that Flame and Ember skins are different.

Because it was pixel omen and this one isn’t just pixel
Yeah sounds dumb but they are really different
Kinda like ice Marcus and black ice Marcus

There is no omen on the pixelated set.

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After re-looking at my skins, i guess it was the pixel omen power set that I bought earlier and now its just the plain pixel set. Regardless, its pretty stupid to use the “8-bit design” for more than one skin; especially, since the only difference is slapping a red omen on the gun’s side.

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Yeah, it’s kinda the whole cry emote debacle awhile back, where they sold Fahz’s cry emote alone and than soon after they sold a pack of the cry emote for all the other characters at a similar price and the only difference was that Fahz’s emote had sound.

Tbh, it’s pretty stupid.


“Tbh. It’s pretty stupid” -a quick summary of Rewards in Gears 5.