Weapon skins not showing up on character?

Hey guys been a while, i can see the skins while waiting for the game to find a match but on my actual character there is no skins on the weapons. just the regular schmegular. How do i fix this? Thanks.

it might be if you dont have the customization content installed

wow youre still active here lol nice, And thank you i just saw it in the settings! So do we get skins for reaching certain places in leaderboards every season?

im not really sure if you get skins anymore to be honest

damn that sucks

There are rewards if you get top 1000 and top 100

wow thanks! i just got back into the game and this i good to know

Just to clarify: Note: After Season 9 we will not be granting the Top 100 rewards anymore, so make sure you get them before then!

TThe top 100 rewards are no longer available.