Weapon Skins, Marks and Executions not showing up

This is the first real issue that I’ve had with my game. I noticed after the recent Title Update, the game feels like it got a wave of glitches brought with it. Every time, and I mean every.single.time, I start up Horde, my weapon Skins disappear; none of my different executions play, it goes back to the default ones for every gun and my mark icon is always reverted to the default one. Even my expressions stopped working. I like to use them as a quick means of communication and have been finding that since this Title Update, they rarely work. I have backed out of numerous matches and manually changed all my weapon skins, executions and mark and it usually doesn’t fix anything. If it DOES actually fix it, my skins, executions and mark icon show up for my current game, and the next game has everything taken off again. I also found that the game randomly strips off all the cards of my characters for Horde and Escape. I was quite surprised when I was playing Emile in Escape and was wondering why I wasn’t doing my massive melee damage. Seriously, what the ■■■■? I feel like this is only affecting me because my teammates always have weapon skins on their guns. My character on the main menu still shows my Lancer skin, so I know that they are definitely on. TC seriously needs a hot fix for this ASAP; this can’t wait ‘til the next update in November.


I’ve been having the same weapons glitch . Some maps work fine. Most don’t. Sometimes I have one skin but not the others. I thought they were tied into the totems but have completed two and didn’t touch the other two.