Weapon skins for gears 5

When do you think TC would put in new and better animation skins


I still mis the thunderstorm skin from 3. That skin was excellent. It had clouds and lightning on it. Closest we’ll get to that is the wind flare probably


Check this out.


Skins are a sensitive argument , in my point of view , as I find myself often in disagreement with most of people.
I do actually prefer more ‘serious’ skins , showing off darker colors , camouflages , damages , blood , or a pretty simple symbol on the side.
There has been a lot of discussion around this , but I still think that brighter/fluo/animated skins break the depth of the game , they ruin the immersion.
I want to go around and show off the most plausible skins I can get , both COG and Swarm side.
Here some exaples of skins I loved :

  • Midnight (Gears 3)
  • Chrome (Gears 3)
  • Simple Omen (Gears 3)
  • Forest Camo (Gears 3 , can’t recall the actual name)
  • Faction (Gears 3 , COG or Locust symbol)
  • UIR and Élite UIR (Gears 4)
  • Digital Urban Camo (Gears 4)
  • Raven (or was it KR? Gears UE)
  • Corpser (Gears UE)

Ok now , there was some actually brilliant ideas fit for me both in Gears 3 and UE , and I had that Digital Urban Camo in almost all weapons in 4 , I just can’t remember them all.

I just honestly think that my idea of skin should have the same love and attention as brighty animated skins. I’m not telling you guys not to use them , you just look ridicolous. You’re basicly wearing a spotlight easibly recognizable all around the map.
As long as you’re happy …


Here. I found some of those skins I was referring to.
Just not that silly pinky one tho

gears-of-war-3-multiplayer-custom-lancer-3 9103344_orig 5520a42e79e86a0922d33123f3f2f20220110324184148

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The good old days. :wink:


Not gonna lie most of the gears 5 skins are really good, the niles, rainbow and storm skin look sick as hell, I would like more over the top animated skins like in judgment


I too believe the simple can sometimes be the best and in this games case the best set I have seen so far is the Matte that has come out slowly,Pixel Omen since its almost like my long lost child the Crimson Omen from 3-Judgement which will always be my favorite set.

A possible Console again oh how I miss that green glowing mess

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