Weapon skins 28/06/20

a question, in the stream if they ask for a retweet how much does it have to be the same as that of the xbox profile?

You must be logged into the site that is streaming using the one that’s associated with your gamertag.

You don’t actually have to retweet by the way, just click on the “retweet” button. I don’t even use Twitter. Apparently it’s against Twitter’s terms and conditions for organisations to offer freebies and gifts to people to retweet them (or something).

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When does it start?

Only because of this post did I see that there was a stream with skins today - and I see that I missed 2 skins for the day already, plus there was probably a stream yesterday as well.

It would really be great if these kind of things were advertised more, for starters, on this forum itself, and well in advance too. I guess it was made known on Twitter, but that isn’t enough.