Weapon Skin request: Retro Lancer and Hammerburst with Buttstock

So I really like how the rifles in Gears are finally getting buttstocks (Lancer, Claw, Markza, ect.) and am requesting the Retro Lancer most importantly but perhaps the Hammerburst as well get a “Custom” skin with a buttstock like the “Custom Lancer” skin from Gears 4 that had a stock.

This would make these weapons much more appealing to me, and it never made sense to me that the Retro Lancer has such bad kick but the COG never thought to give it one of the best anti-recoil features a rifle can have,


I think the retro was mass produced during the pendulum wars and the COG didn’t really give much thought to recoil because they just wanted a ton of them out very quickly.

True but surely they would have made some variant of the rifle that did have more thought put into it for special units/commandos

From what I have read in the books, the COG didn’t care about its soldiers.

Yeah I get that feeling as well. But it did care about results, and equipping their elite troops with better weapons would produce better results.