Weapon skin request for each character

I really like the Canadian Omen banner! Thanks for that!

I would like to show it off more though. I don’t make MVP ever, but still want to show off my sweet banner. I hope that it will show up in the social side bar at some point.

I am a collector of skins and love so many of the designs that have been created. I would like to show off my collection more than just having only one set at a time. I also usually won’t show a skin with only one weapon out of the set. I like for my weapons to match and that is important to me. I also like to match my skins for both characters and weapons together. So having Gears 4 offer the gilded character skins and the weapon skins was amazing! Thank you, it was awesome and I still rock my gilded characters every now and then.

The only thing that drives me crazy is that I set up the weapons to match Kait, then I play as a swarm and they look ridiculous.

I would like to request having the ability to customize for each character, please. That way I can have gilded JD with his gilded weapons, and Ice Kait with her Vector Lancer or Rockstar Swarm Lancer! (Which I hope and pray will become complete sets soon.)(If you know someone, can you put a word in for me? Lol)

Lastly, I would like to request more swag, please. I look all the time on the site for merch, in the Microsoft Store and Amazon, but the clothing is so limited. I purchased the ladies crimson omen t-shirt and the material is horrible. I will happily pay for good looking quality merch. I love Gears of War and want to show it!

Thanks for the opportunity to give feedback and make a request.

Playing as Kait through the campaign was amazing! You guys killed it!!!