Weapon skin on custom Horde

Idk if it just me or not, but making a custom horde or joining one causes you not to have your weapon skins.

Not just you.

Yes I have this problem, sometimes I spawn with one of my three skins.

Yes me as well. When we were playing today on my screen they were the default skins but the other players could see the equipped ones. Another thing to go along with horde is you can’t buy out of the fabricator. When you go in the fabricator it will show you all the weapons so when you see that you can’t buy even equipment you’re allowed to buy. The 3rd thing is the mark goes to default. @TC_Octus @the-coalition

As far as I know, weapon skins only disappear when I play as Kait. They never disappear when I play as JD or Del. I don’t know about Marcus or Fahz though.

I have never seen the bug where the skins disappear, but I have had the bug where I can’t buy weapons, extremely annoying. I thought this bug was fixed since I haven’t seen it for a long time, sad to hear it’s still there.

/adds it to the list of bugs in this game

Since the release of the COG Hero, if you have that character unlocked and Host a game with no other Human teammates, you will only have the Default Weapon skins. Once another Human player joins the match while still in the pre-match lobby you will start the game with your chosen weapon skins.

However, if you start and players join in later you will be stuck with the Default skins the whole match. But you can sometimes place them on a locker, level the locker and then pick them up to have your chosen weapon skins appear. (Only if other players in the match)

Lastly, this is for any character you play as, not just the COG hero. I just know, as I have been doing Fahz tests all week on Custom private.

Hope this helps.

Glad it’s not only me. And thanks @Hu1k_Daddy that explains a lot.

Anytime sir. Glad I could help.

Ya def sucks TC is ruining this game. Played horde today as well and no mark and skins again.

I am still experiencing this default weapon skin issue with Marcus and Kait. No custom mark or weapon skins show up on custom or hosted games.

From what I can tell, the whole weapon skin thing seems to only occur if you join a match that is already in progress - I’ve never had them not appear if I joined a match before the host started it. Though I still do not understand how this is a thing to start with because if you joined a match in progress in Gears 4 through invites your weapon skins would show up perfectly fine.

But given the general issues with Gears 5 or what the players dislike about it, this is probably quite low on TCs priority list since it doesn’t have anything to do with playability of the game.