Weapon skin ideas

Is there any weapon skin ideas that you have that you wish TC could make?

White Phantom

Team Steel. It would be like black and chrome steel but it would be Red/Blue depending on the team you’re on.


Navy Blue phantom :flushed:

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I would like the Pink Phantom to actually look Pink on all maps. Sometimes it looks purple in certain lighting. Could be the game but it could also be my colorblindness. Blue is my favorite and Pink is my second favorite color.

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I like the blue phantom but that’s more of a royal blue tbh, which is the COGs color. But navy’s my favorite color and I feel like there isnt enough navy blue love :pensive:

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Some kind of green coloured skin like poison theme or something and give the whole set out as rewards for escape…

Oh wait…


Taco skin

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I want to have an updated or “new” version of the console skins. The ones from Gears 4 were based on the Xbox One S. A Series X version of these skins would look great imo.

I also would love the emerald phantom skins to return.


maybe some other rainbow skin, I love those, my weapon set always uses rainbow spiral and in the basic weapons I always alternate between spiral and pride, I also loved that they brought back rainbow dust and also alternated between those 3, unfortunately I couldn’t get rainbow square and I’m just waiting for them to put it back in the store, although if they make a new one it would be great

Although if you feel lazy in ideas, for me it would be more than perfect if they bring back the previous rainbow skins, but when I say all, I mean all

from rainbow of gears 3

Going through double rainbow from judgment

without forgetting about UE’s unirainbow

also considering rainbow from gears 4

ending with trippy also from gears 4

I hope tc can, they skins are very cute (for me)

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Bound by brotherhood: COG tags are hanging/wrapped around the weapon.
Could be a team variant so for the Swarm the tags are bloody keepsakes of soldiers they killed.
For the COG they are gleaming and well looked after.

Other skins that I want: Mark II Lancer, Custom Lancer, Mark I Hammerburst and Mark 2 Hammerburst

More flag based ones for all countries and not just the loadout sets.

Windflare is cool, but a Gears 5 take on the classic Thunderstorm would be good.

Rainbow Swirl Island Glow

Blood Vial but with gnome vomit instead of blood (don’t forget the sparkles)

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I wanna a toggle for red or blue option regardless of Cog or Swarm.

@Ultra_Gnasty good god black steel Sam looks good. Id forgotten. In my next life me and Mrs Byrne will be an item.

anything with Red…i swear the TC crew has an aversion to that color…except for the esports

100% Invisible weapon skins! :crazy_face:

Red is the color of Swarm, Locust and Lambent and IIRC the Team skins are red when hold by those grubs!

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Either or: