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Weapon SKIN CREATOR | Gears 5


(V7K1NG) #21

i want a GFC Lancer



with one of these on it

(W4rMunKey) #22

I think custom emblems would come first, like in dare I say it… Cod… Shudders

(iRespect L8) #23

I’ve been waiting for this since the release of GTA 5. Where it is possible to customize your car with the emblem of your clan, of course then came Forza who gave an improvement in this system, then Battlefield. I think it’s possible to have this system and profit from micro-transactions, selling fragments or rare items like skins from past games. Great post.

Just to complement would be a good clan system, team, so it would not be necessary to change gamertag. Helping new and experienced teams. With a rank system for teams. Great post.

(Sugar IT) #24

I created it to better understand my idea. :wink:

(BungiePlayer) #25

I agree but it would ruin the fun of getting them unless another idea is to buy effects for your creations so Coalition make money. Then all they can do is make better characters with no remake faces and such. its a win win for all of us!

(LTc RaGLEXxiiTo) #26

very good idea I support you

(StarzRiser) #27

Wo… I feel so stupid because I never thought about such a simple idea ! To me, it would be such a great adition. I love the colour blue so much, and in Gears 4 I had to wait more than a year to get the absolutely gorgeous I am Adopted Lanzor Skin

I was lucky to even get it, cause I had to watch a specific stream, very late during the night (Im from France) to be able to have it in game.

And it wasnt even made by the Coalition themselves, but by an amazing artist (Mike Waver). To my eyes, it’s like the universe is embedded in the weapon itself, I just love it ! I’m so sad I’ll lose this one 4ever when Gears 5 will be released ;-(

In Gears UE, there was NO blue themed weapon skins in the game itself. The Neptune skin was appealing to me, but I never got it 'cause it was exclusive to whatever nonsense.

In Gears 3, I was using the skin “Ocean”, but it wasn’t as good as the one made by Mike himself.

Anyway, this would solve my problems. I think they could create this tool, but with limited options. Then, they could still sell their crazy good looking blacksteel or E-sports stuff that the Skin Creator wouldnt allow us to copy; you follow me ?

My anwser is too long… but the customization is just a really big thing for me in any game I play. I just love your idea dude ! +1

(ZombieLady66) #28

I so want the I am Adopted Lancer and Gnasher.Been begging for them to bring it back​:sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

(StarzRiser) #29

Yeah, I am adopted skins are great. Created by Mike Waver ( He actually answered my message on ArtStation, he’s a really cool dude with great talent. We should support his work so TC hires him ^-^

(ZombieLady66) #30

Yes i agree as well

(Gigazerker) #31

I think one of the biggest problems of Gears 4 is that TC made it so restrictive towards the modding community. The game gets new content made only by TC, like the fan base can’t contribute with anything. TC from the very beginnig monopolized the game and it’s new content.

The perfect Gears for me would be the one that lets me trade: skins, credits and scrap with other players in a market-like platform. For example: oh, I got more than one copy of a skin, no problem, I mark it as ‘trade-able’ and just wait for some other player to pick it up and buy it using the game’s currency: credits or scrap. Why scrap it myself when someone else can buy it from me and leave some credits/scrap for it. The only two condition I’ll set is that the buyer player must not own that skin and that can only be content made by TC.

eSports packs should work better on the next installment, individual purchases could fix many of the past problems. Leave the random probability behind and just give players what they want. A locust skin here, a cog skin there, and the complete weapon pack here, all within a limited time offer frame.

(RareACIDMAN82) #32

Count me in great idea for next competition for gears 5 winners get there skins put in the inventory so everyone can create them , or something similar… Make sure if this dose come to pass make the link so easy to enter for everyone … Cheers mate.