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(Sugar IT) #1

Hello everybody! :muscle:t3: @TC_Octus @anon86589457

I wanted to share with you something that I would like to see in Gears 5.

Everyone wants to have custom skins, so why not give us the chance to create them yourself?
Would not it be great to create our own custom graphics and share it with the community (as happens with custom graphics in Forza Motorsport)?

:arrow_down: I add an image to make you understand better. :arrow_down:

What do you think about it?


Not a bad idea…I feel that TC wouldn’t do it though because there goes their money and grind for credits to keep people playing the game well after it’s release

(Ektope) #3

The pre-created Weapon Skins might lose their value or rarity.
Not many people may use them anymore, so all the work into creating them may go to waste.
Some players could try replicated some existing Weapon Skins, that might look too similar to Bloodied, Infected Omen, and others they can’t or don’t have.
Inappropriate looking Skins too.

(Sugar IT) #4

I think TC is trying to please the gears community more… And I think the new customizations in gears 4 have given longevity to the game. Of course, these customizations have drawn many profits that could continue to have added a marketplace with sponsored and paid skins but in addition give the chance to create them yourself.

(Junglist Shoota) #5

I’m torn. One hand I like customization… But then I remember CoD Black Ops and the atrocities that brought. Many breasts, penises, and swastikas.
(And before this post is flagged or deleted… Those are medical terms, so just don’t. )


Good call man…I’m all for breasts but the other two…no thanks…I can see how this could back fire now that you said it

(sancris777) #7

They could just sell shaders or decal pieces themselves that people could use for their custom weapons perhaps. I also don’t think custom skins would work because people would create nude images on their guns

(LTc RaGLEXxiiTo) #8

the truth semms very good

(LTc RaGLEXxiiTo) #9

the community makes good skins

(S IK O IR G E) #10

A complete long-shot here but imagine they took this idea and incorporated an in-game marketplace of sorts for this?

Then we could use those credits we earn playing the game to grab some community voted and published skins off the marketplace?

It would be Gears’ version of Forge, but smaller in scale and restricted to weapon-skins.

EDIT: I had a derp moment, you literally said that in the OP upon my re-reading it.

Yeah, I support the idea, it would be cool to see but like the others have said, never going to happen until Microsoft ease off of Games as a Service and TC has the clearance to not rely on lootboxes to make their money.

(Bloomy) #11

A potential middle ground here could be static vs. animated skins. Allow the community to create static skins, but only TC could do animated ones (which would be trickier to implement in a creator), or other special ones like the Phantoms.

(GnashinPumpkinz) #12

imagine access to this and create-a-gear editor: as the ultimate wings 10 reward

(Kitten Britchez) #13


(Sugar IT) #14

Ahahah…yeah there may be a risk of seeing obscene skin but if developed in the right way I think it has great potential.
Maybe implementing a system that recognizes nudity as already happens with the xbox live player image.

(Cazerz247) #15

I like it BUT they would lose a lot of money from e-sports skins, pre-orders etc so would be shocked if it happened :frowning:

(GnashinPumpkinz) #16

guys, tc wouldnt lose any money if the skin and gear creators were the wings 10 reward. so wr ultimately had a reason to grind out and they could sell their packs until people do so

(DarkChaoz95) #17

I think the main problem I see is the feasibility of the feature.

Even if it was feasible, the quality of skins made the creator as opposed to created by TV is going to be low. If it takes TV months to make a weapon skin (which I believe they said this) then how fan n in game skin creator can make good looking skin?

I think the cost of having a skin creator would be the quality of the skin. Take a look at halo forge, while you can make custom maps, there isn’t much detail since its just bare building blocks. For halo, this may be exempted but for Gears it’s not since its graphic intensive and everything should look good and detailed.

Well thats my two cents.

(Sugar IT) #18

I’m not so sure it’s so difficult to create skins…I say this from personal experience.
But I have the necessary skills to do it.
Maybe you could give the possibility to have pre-set stickers and special colors / materials…
It would be a natural evolution of game customization.

(Chickenroo1802) #19

is that a real thing or did you make that image?

(DarkChaoz95) #20

Definitely looks fan made. Haven’t come across it anywhere before.