Weapon Skills suck?

I thinks it’s kind of sucky to have the hero’s weapon skills effect mostly a single gun… They should of had put the skill cards to the whole category instead of one weapon. Ex. Custom Lancer -> Assault Rifle Damage

Also the damage cards are minimal in effect compared to Gears 4 and we have to offset it by buying in game Perks which is stupid because with all the modifications Energy is scarce and we have to pick between helping out the engineer or making our character as strong as a Gears 4 class…


Nah, energy isn’t scarce if you control the taps. If you have a good jack with his card maxed out forging on level 4 ASAP and control the taps you will be swimming in more energy than you even need to EZ Clap Master difficulty.

Only problem is not everyone plays in teams and rarely do people play as Jack.

Jack and Del feel like a job rather than having fun. Del can be fun cause it feels like your building a fort but as Jack only so many people feel that way.

I don’t play 7 days a week and can really only play on weekends to it’s hard for people like myself to find a group especially since most people I run into don’t even use mics.

Also 5 max slots and 9 characters but it’s essential to have two on those characters every match to be successful on the higher difficulties? See the problem?

Perks weren’t designed well they barley fill the damage difference between gears 4 & 5