Weapon reloading while firing

Has anyone had the glitch where when you’re firing or are ABOUT to fire, your gun will reload? I noticed this in Gears 4 (and Halo MCC as well) and it’s also happening in Gears 5. At first I thought it was my controller so I was surprised that it was happening on my new one as well.

Has anyone else experienced this?

EDIT: NO ONE? Or is everyone else busy complaining?


Its been happening to me since gears 3

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Ok this been happening alot lately to me. I asked a couple people whom play alot and they don’t have this issue there issue is even though it shows a full clip they think they don’t actually get a full clip. Thus they start reloading Possibly same issue? I started having this issue after they removed the active full clip. So now I reload twice whenever it’s safe to do so.

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Your prob tapping every on accident